And the beat goes on…….



Welcome to show biz, Mr. Schultz.


Having someone point out that you are frolicking in history’s dustbin actually does come with the territory.


I have long since passed the point of being intimidated by those prone to scolding everyone around them for not being intelligent, compassionate or exquisitely environmentally sensitive enough.


You seem surprised that people resist being told they don’t know what is best for them, and that they need to make do with less and like it that way.


If you are trying to sell an idea, insulting the intelligence, character and motivations of those who don’t subscribe to your vision seems like a piss poor way to do it.


Because of that aspect of your confrontational style, I’m not sure that it is possible to reconcile our positions.


Mine is fairly simple.


It is one of optimistic, cornucopian, libertarian leaning conservatism.


I believe that government is a necessary evil, but still fundamentally corruptible and evil, and as such should be limited to its core functions and kept as small and unobtrusive as possible.


I believe that we should be taking advantage of ALL sources of cheap and abundant energy, and that the benefits to society far outweigh the manageable risks.


I know that virtually all of the environmental panics that have come down the pike since Rachel Carson discovered that a comfortable living can be made by promoting them have been wrong, often spectacularly and sometimes catastrophically.


I believe that wallowing in collective guilt is a self serving and transparently fascist concept.


Finally. I know that things have never been better for more people in the history of the planet, and the future could be much brighter, if only pessimistic, morally superior, busy body do-gooders would mind their own business.


Paul Lesniak

Stinson Beach