Begs to differ with Littleton’s views




I found John Littleton’s article in the last edition of the West Marin Citizen interesting. However, I differ with his explanation of the right-wing political swing. He posits a genetic shift to what he terms “Homo dominativus” from the older “homo sapiens”. I find genetic explanations a retreat from thinking and acting about our social and political arrangements.

Genetic explanations are a form of “medicalization” of a problem and, as such, are a form of domination and, eventually, may become a form of social control and domination. Read Huxley.

John’s retreat into genetics furthermore violates Occam’s razor, the scientific axiom that of a number of explanations, the simplest, which fits the facts, is most apt to be true. John, have you considered the growth of population and the subsequent demand upon lands and resources as an alternate explanation. With this growth come growing centralization and the usurping of power from everyday life. Just a thought to add to the conversation.


Paul Elmore,