Big government- it’s not just the Lunnys!


It is encouraging to see in the Citizen the visceral reaction to the DBOC closure, and the “go take a flying leap” attitude towards the dish it out but can’t take it crowd that sided with the forces of bureaucratic tyranny and fraud dedicated to running the Lunnys and the DBOC out of business.

The most insightful comment came from Axel Nelson, who quoted his brother Lars-Erik as writing “The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is Bullshit”.

If the enemy really is bullshit, Axel Nelson might want to take his brothers words to heart, and revisit his negative assessment of SF Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll’s recent comparison of Kevin Lunny to the “ultra-right wing nutcase, Cliven Bundy”.

Carroll was actually on to something, but not in the way that most might imagine.

Any fair review of the heavy handed tactics of the government and its enablers regarding Cliven Bundy will show that Bundy, like Lunny was the victim of a wildly disproportionate response to a minor land use dispute.

Bundy was also the victim of a far more extensive media driven character assassination campaign than that brought against the Lunnys by environmentally extreme propaganda organizations.

What has happened to Cliven Bundy and the Lunnys are far from unique events.

Such heavy handed tactics have become the norm rather than the exception from a government entity that believes the people are there to serve it, rather than the other way around.

As another example of heavy-handed government tactics, lets consider when during last years government shutdown, the shock troops of Jon Jarvis’ National Park Service were deployed to close the nation’s most popular public recreation areas before any other truly wasteful, redundant or ineffective bureaucratic agency was affected.

And if that isn’t enough, there’s the recent revelations of the weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service against potential opponents of the permanent bureaucracy.

This comes on top of revelations that the National Security Agency carefully monitors virtually all electronic communications for any signs of dissent.

So in light of these events, and what has just transpired locally, maybe these ultra right wing nut cases aren’t so nutty after all?

At the same time, what has been revealed is something which should make more than a few locals uncomfortable.

Virtually none of the incidents mentioned above have sparked the kind of local outrage generated by the government’s treatment of the Lunnys.

How hypocritical is it to stand silent when government force is directed against law abiding citizens who might not march in lockstep with one’s political views, and then vilify those who sided with the government against the Lunnys?

Its time to take the lessons learned locally and apply them more broadly to the activities of a government leviathan and that is clearly out of control, and the authoritarians more than happy to bring its power to bear against any who dare to question their authority, no matter what political views they hold.

Ever the optimist, I remain steadfast in my belief that there is far more uniting than dividing us.

The greatest fear that the ruling class has is that a significant portion of the general population will find common cause against autocratic big government, and actually vote and work to dismantle it rather than return to power the self- serving elected and appointed officials that continue to feed the beast.

Remember, “The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is Bullshit”.

Paul Lesniak
Stinson Beach


Response to Paul Rampel’s comment:


You may want to re read my letter.


I made no mention of the liberal community of West Marin being silent on DBOC issues.


I was pointing out the selective outrage on display while unaccountable and corrupt government force is being routinely deployed all over the country by an agenda driven and punitive government class.


It is that very agenda driven corruption that had the NPS get the ball rolling in their crusade against the DBOC and the Lunnys.


Any legal decisions that followed in the wake of that demonstrably corrupt and tainted process are also corrupt and tainted by their very nature.


It is banana republic governance at its finest, and you, like far too many around here, seem to have no problem with it because your guys are the ones in the generalissimo’s uniform and sunglasses.


You ask, “Why make common cause with fools and racists?”


Because they are your law abiding fellow citizens having their lives, liberty and property taken away by unaccountable and agenda driven government force.


Defending the rights of those with whom you might disagree is the very essence of freedom and liberty.


Try wrapping your head around helping them instead of joining in, because, like the Lunnys, the next guy in the breach could be you.


Also, perhaps you can explain exactly what makes your productive, law abiding fellow citizen Cliven Bundy a fool and a racist.


Is it the fact that Bundy is a cowboy hat wearing, drawling, cattle ranching cracker who has spoken an inconvenient truth about the ghettoized, urban, black underclass?

Before West Marin was taken over by politically correct retired lawyers, university professors, and a few entitled and envious hipster doofuses, you’d run into guys like Bundy every day in Point Reyes Station.


When ANY mention of the social pathologies plaguing the black underclass is deemed as racist, then the word loses all meaning.


Accusations of racism are usually deployed as a weapon by those with nothing intelligent to say on the subject and little to no first hand experience in dealing with the grim reality of that segment of the population.


Speaking of making common cause with fools, I’ve been waiting for the boiling seas of climate change to wipe out my little slice of paradise since the first Earth Day.


But since I haven’t seen more than the usual number of ‘for sale’ signs along Sea Drift or Tomales Bay lately, and sales of coastal real estate continue to soar to new records, I’m guessing that those who might really have something to lose take such big-Government funded bullshit as seriously as it deserves.


Paul Lesniak