Bikers riding illegally on horse trails in Park



There have been more bikers seen by horseback riders on

narrow footpaths/ hoof-paths (single track trails in biker lingo) at Point Reyes National Seashore in recent weeks. Last week I noticed eight on Horse Trail and Z Ranch Trail. This must mean they are also riding trails illegally in other Park lands too. Some of the bikes we saw were riding at extreme speeds past our horses. Luckily our seasoned trail horses rode it out. As prey animals horses have an innate fear of attack from the rear.


Dave Schifsky, the Chief Ranger at PRNS wants to know about this so he and his team can better patrol their trails. He asks that you to file a report so he can post rangers at the area. His email is below. Trail riders do not have to confront anyone! Just report them including the time, the day and the trail name.


Pt Reyes National Seashore

Bear Valley Dispatch

If there is an emergency Park Dispatch number is 911

David Schifsky, Chief Ranger at Bear Valley


tel: 464- 5175

Dispatch number: tel: 464-5170 (call this first)


Please do not assume someone else will. Please help us all by filing a report if you see illegal bikes on trail and don’t rely on just one or two people to file the reports. We don’t want to be left up a creek without a paddle!


Marina Eisenzimmer