Criminal activity and human concerns



Let me begin with comments made in “letters “(Citizen 8/7) accusing some of “championing the holding of a grudge” regarding
the Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. Stating facts is not “holding a grudge”,
It is stating facts. The suggestion that DBOC supporters are responsible
for creating friction ignores the constant drumbeat attacks on the Lunnys personally and the DBOC in general, to say nothing of the trespassing , defacement and theft of the “Save our Oyster Co” support signs perpetrated by enemies of the DBOC .

To state that this is criminal activity by cowards punishable by law is not “holding a grudge.” I won’t erode my soul by hating anyone-but I will reserve the right to take issue with behavior and other positions.

Those who oppose DBOC appear to completely ignore the human concerns implicit in the loss of home and jobs of 25 families. The detractors have left that as a mess for someone else to clean up. While the families will have
support for a while, sooner or later. with the lack of affordable housing
the kids will have to be removed from an already challenged school
district and the community will suffer.

The impact on the community is constantly ignored in favor of saving a piece of “the wilderness.” What is the establishment’s definition of “the wilderness” anyway?

There is a tunnel vision to what I read from DBOC detractors and
absolutely no sense of local community impact. Humans are not factored into any vision from this quarter.

Oh, by the way, if the displaced workers have to drive all over creation for housing and employment creating auto emissions, is that more environmentally sound than their previous situation?

Finally, if you lay up your treasures with the system, you’ve given away your power to it. .Since park scientists have been exposed as lying, why do you side with them?

What if you change your mind? Our local conversation means nothing to the Feds- this is a dichotomy where Washington DC is in this community but not necessarily of it. Thank you

Charlie Morgan