To the editor:


Thanks so much to the wonderful people who attended the Food Pantry Benefit Dinner last weekend.  West Marin Community Services (WMCS) is so inspired by the support from this caring community for our daily Food Pantry and for the people who use it.


Sasha Abramsky gave a masterful presentation on poverty in America today, and Socorro Romo brought it home with local numbers.  With a snapshot comparison of the busiest month each year, Socorro noted that in March, 2010, we served 87 families/275 individuals; in March, 2014, we served 135 families/317 individuals.  This is a significant increase despite the fact that two new pantries opened in our service area during that time (Tomales and Bolinas, though only a few hours a week).


Socorro also highlighted some of the gaps in service – a need for more protein and dairy products, as well as more variety and freshness in vegetables.  Both Sasha and Socorro spoke about the loneliness and isolation poverty brings and how welcome anyone and everyone is at WMCS.


To all those who asked how you can help:  think of the food pantry when you’re shopping and get some items to drop off at WMCS (canned tuna, peanut butter, yogurt, cheese) and donate what you can to help us sustain the program.


Thank you for your compassion.  And thank you to Point Reyes Books, all our local media, Zuma, Good Earth Natural Foods, and the local cooks who prepared the food for this event.


Pamela Campe, President

Wendy Friefeld, Executive Director

WMCS Board of Directors