“A” frame signs taken from Town Commons


Last week two “sandwich boards” where taken from the Town Commons. One advertised the Silent Auction at the Dance Palace on May 25th and the other the Holstein 100 in August sponsored by West Marin Senior Services. Both events are major fundraisers for these essential community organizations.

In the course of investigating what happened I learned the 2001 Point Reyes Station Community Plan, Policy CL-4.2b – Signs states “No portable “A” frame sign (sandwich boards) shall be allowed.” This policy, I have been told, has not been effectively enforced, witness the sandwich boards up and down main street. The policy has other provisions that very specifically constrain signage much of which is also clearly not effectively enforced.

In renovating the Town Commons, West Marin Commons hopes to create a more hospitable space for residents and visitors. A display case has been installed that we plan to use to feature events in town and guide visitors to essential services. When implemented it should obviate the need for signage.

In the meantime, it seems appropriate to have a discussion regarding the Signs Policy to both inform residents and business owners and consider how the intent of the policy can be achieved. I have asked the Village Association to take up the matter at the monthly meeting on Thursday, June 12th at 7:15pm at the Dance Palace. I call on all interested parties to participate in the discussion.

I call on the person(s) that removed the signs to return them to the Dance Palace and West Marin Senior Services. The vigilante action to arbitrarily remove these signs doesn’t serve anyone or accomplish anything. Honest and direct communication between members of the community as individuals and organizations is what a village is all about.

Mark Switzer

Board Chair, West Marin Commons