Goodman and Prows speak out after Nita Vail meeting




Last week, in the Point Reyes Light (reprinted here), we asked Neal Desai of the National Park Conservation Association and Amy Trainer of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin to ‘take the pledge’, to promise to the community that “neither I nor any organization I am a part of will ever participate in legal action to eliminate or restrict the ranches on Point Reyes.” We asked because in the late 1990’s, Mr. Desai and his organization (NPCA) successfully sued the National Park Service based on the federal Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act to get rid of the Vails’ ranch on Santa Rosa Island (aka Cowboy Island).


This past Tuesday evening, Nita Vail spoke to the community, and cautioned us that what happened at Cowboy Island could happen here. Mr. Desai was in the audience. During the Q&A period, one of us (CG) asked Mr. Desai to take the pledge. His answer, which should be a wake up call to the community, was to say that such a request was “ridiculous.” That single word makes the many words from Mr. Desai and Ms. Trainer in support of agriculture just that — hollow words.


Corey Goodman, Marshall

Peter Prows, Attorney and partner with Briscoe Ivester & Bazel LLP of San Francisco, the firm who represented the Lunny family. He writes this as a personal statement