The progressive left has failed us




As the great man once said, “it would take a heart of stone not to laugh out loud” at the full page declarations of existential angst coming from committed utopian progressives as they watch the almost two century old experiment in redistributive social justice crumble right before their eyes.


In an effort to explain this troubling phenomenon, techniques that became popular during the Stalinist and Maoist purges of the last century have been resurrected.


The indisputably neo-Marxist denizens of today’s faculty lounge have produced a spate of transparently biased academic studies seeking to prove the mental inferiority of those holding views that do not hew precisely to those of the politically correct, social justice warriors.


That approach has gained little traction, so now we have local speculation blaming some genetic mutation from millennia past for this otherwise inexplicable shift to the right.


It is never mentioned that for the last couple of centuries, the ratchet has always been turning to the progressive left, and some form of redistributive, socialist democracy is the default government all across the civilized world.


Yet the problem never seems to lie with the multicultural, utopian progressive political and social paradigm itself.


No, it is always that the human element or, at least certain less highly evolved segments of that human element who have failed the divinely inspired commitment to politically correct, environmentally hysterical, redistributive utopian progressivism, or have actively conspired to sabotage the program.


The simple truth is that people are turning to the common sense ideas of responsible adults, because the progressive left has had the run of the place for far too long, and has left a hell of a mess in their wake.


Not only do their schemes not work, they reliably produce results precisely the opposite of the original intent.


These unintended consequences and outright failures are becoming harder and harder to rationalize or explain away, and are being rejected despite the near saturation bombing level of indoctrination and propagandizing that flows in an endless stream from the media, academia and the political class.


The definition of insanity has been to keep doing the same thing, over & over again, while expecting a

different result.

From where I sit, I see exploding cigar after exploding cigar going off right in the kissers of members of a near religious cult, with little evidence that they will ever realize that the slick grifters handing them out really do not have their best interests at heart.
Paul Lesniak,
Stinson Beach