Shout Out For The Lunny’s

The fat lady is finally singing for the Lunnys and her tune sounds like a dirge. But whatever side you were on, the oyster farm is now part of the rich history of our small community.

I will always remember watching Kevin Lunny at so many, many meetings conduct himself with courage, grace, intelligence and most of all honesty! In this he never wavered. And in all of my conversations with ANY of the Lunnys, there has never been one vitriolic word against anyone in the National Park Service. Always only facts were stated.
Everyone has the right to fight for what he believes is the best good. I have watched the Lunnys fight a David vs. Goliath battle for Drakes Bay Oyster Company. This commitment has taken tremendous courage, time, money and probably good health with all the hard work he put in to saving DBOC.
I think the Lunny’s have fought a good battle and have acquiesced with grace and sincerity.
In my opinion, they have shown us the Best of the Best of the America’s spirit.
I salute them, each and every one of them (Joe, Sr., Joan, Nancy, Kevin, Patrick, Sean, Bridgit, Ginny, Jorge and Lorreta Murphy, too ) and I wish them all the best luck in the world on their new adventure.
Laura Marcoux

Point Reyes Station