Won’t clam up about oysters


One word sums up the DBOC controversy – shucks

Yes, it’s a good pun, but it isn’t funny. After so much money spent, so many false words spilled, so much deception, posturing and faking, we are left with this result. No more Drakes Bay Oyster Company. Nothing. And I am left with a nagging question, “Why?”

Who wanted this result? Who gained by this? Was it worth it? Answers: The Few, The Few and No.

I daresay that if today, a vote were taken of the people in West Marin, keeping DBOC would have won with a vast majority. That alone makes me shake my head.

The democratic process was hijacked and for no good reason. DBOC is not polluting this pristine spot. Yes, a few detractors were sincere in their beliefs. The real pollutants were many of the narrow-minded folks who would say anything; twist the facts, use false science to get their own way – they are the pollutants. Please don’t give me the business about “let’s all heal, now.” I would prefer to fester for a while. But I won’t clam up.

Shucks, indeed.

Ed Schwarz, Inverness