Noble Endeavor Goes on Hiatus

The core founders of the Foodshed, despite their formidable energy, have reached their tipping point. Having tried six ways to Sunday to get more members to share the workload, Maggie, Molly, Luke, Aaron and Catherine cried “Uncle!” Tuesday night at the Dance Palace 25 rank and file members showed up to hear what changes were afoot for the Foodshed.

On July 28 the Foodshed will be packed up and sent off to storage. By the closing date the food inventory will have dwindled away, and the door will be locked. No one will get the new door code. The space will await a new tenant.

The Foodshed’s founders don’t plan think about or talk about or worry about the Foodshed until at least 4 or 5 months have passed. Farmers Molly Meyerson and Aaron Wilder explained that they work dawn to dusk trying to coax a living out of their plots of land. Summer is their make or break busy season. Luke Regalbuto and Maggie Levinger are the small business owners of Wild West Ferments, by itself an all-consuming venture. Everyone needs a respite from the additional responsibilities of running the co-op.

Next winter it will take a serious proposal from another group of committed cooperative-minded folks, to resurrect the food co-op. Some members expressed interest in keeping the group together over the hiatus to brainstorm ways to keep the co-op on life support. Miguel volunteered to form an email group to facilitate communication.

Thanks Molly, Maggie, Luke and Aaron – you gave it your all. Time for the co-op community to reflect and re-group.