Point Reyes Village Association Meeting August 14

Waste disposal the main concern
The continuing challenge of providing adequate waste disposal options in town was first on the agenda at the Point Reyes Station Village Association meeting Thursday night at the Dance Palace.

PRVA president, Ken Otter, expressed disappointment that a letter to County officials outlining the association’s understanding of the problem and some suggested responses seems to have been mostly ignored. However, some assistance was provided. Ten additional portable toilets were placed on the west side of town just prior to the July 4th holiday weekend – albeit in areas not formerly discussed with local representatives.

“We did a walkthrough of the town identifying places,” said Marshall Livingston. The units were supposed to be concealed by some type of screening and be located behind the Grandi building and at the end of the block near the fire station. Instead they were unscreened and deposited mid-block. The units have also reportedly been locked Monday through Thursday making them only available for weekend traffic

A lack of communication to the company providing the portable toilets and the rush to get them into town before the holiday was probably the reason the large blue units were deposited in plain view instead of the agreed upon more concealed locations, Livingston said.

“It was awful to see those bright blue port-a-potties as you came into town,” said Melanie Stone. A few downtown residents also got an unwelcome increase in pedestrian traffic in front of their homes. But despite these drawbacks the effort of the County Parks Department was appreciated.

“Whatever the glitches,” said Michael Mery, “We are a lot closer than we were four months ago.”

The group agreed that communication should be kept open and an effort to unite local groups and citizens should be made to solve the challenge of dealing with the problem, which will not go away.

“This town has reached saturation level, said Livingston.

Jude Vasconcellos, expressed her opinion that it is a logical assumption that the number of visitors will not be decreasing any time soon. She stressed the increase in popularity of the farm to table movement and the easy access of the open space provided in West Marin as two reasons it has become a popular destination for almost all visitors to the San Francisco Bay area.

“It’s like going to Yosemite,” said Vasconcellos, “and it’s right here.”

The group also discussed:
-The sale of the Coast Guard Housing facility and the project update meeting held Sunday, July 20 at 6:30 pm at the Dance Palace.

-Taking a vote on approval of a letter to be distributed to town merchants regarding acceptable sign configurations. The group agreed that keeping the original informational tone intended by author Pamela Bridges was of utmost importance.

-Eden Clearbrook, presented a brief synopsis of a pilot waste disposal project currently taking place in Bolinas. The Thermapile project will take the waste donated by 25 local households and convert it, using safe and scientific methods within a two-week period, to a usable compost product. The association hopes to have a representative involved in the project to speak at the September PRVA meeting to find out more about the process and the possibility of being part of a similar project.

Shelly Ingram