Today Millerton Creek Ranch is owned by MALT – and will be protected as farmland, forever.


Millerton Creek RanchMALT has been working to protect this phenomenal 864-acre ranch on the east shore of Tomales Bay since 1992. Formerly known as Borello Ranch, the property is rich in agricultural potential and natural resources.


Its stunning views and convenient location on Highway 1 just north of Point Reyes Station made it a tempting spot to build upscale homes and, despite MALT’s best efforts, the ranch was sold to a private developer in 2009.


Fortunately for our farming community, those homes were never built. Instead, MALT stepped in and bought the ranch, and will lease it for agricultural use while we raise the funds necessary to protect it forever with a MALT agricultural conservation easement under new ownership.


MALT is working with two local ranchers on this project. Mike Giammona grew up in Point Reyes Station and has dreamed of owning this ranch since he was 12. A longtime beef cattle rancher, Mike is a careful land steward and will help MALT bring Millerton Creek Ranch back to its former glory. He also owns a septic pumping company and will upgrade and operate the ranch’s permitted septic treatment ponds to once again serve the West Marin community.


Andrew Zlot is a newcomer to farming, but he’s found a niche raising water buffalo and turning their rich milk into his Double 8 Dairy gelato. He, too, is ready for the challenge of restoring the ranch.


This is the first time since 1991 that MALT has purchased a ranch outright rather than protecting the land with an easement. MALT jumped at the opportunity to take this farmland out of the hands of a developer and was able to act quickly thanks to a loan from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.


Mike and Andrew will initially lease the land from MALT, then purchase the ranch from the organization, subject to an agricultural conservation easement, within four years – a “buy, protect, sell” conservation strategy. During that time, MALT will look to our supporters and public agency partners to raise the funds needed to purchase the easement, which will permanently protect Millerton Creek Ranch.


MALT took a bold first step in buying a threatened ranch. Now we begin the task of restoring this stunning and productive land, and raising the money to protect it forever.

With deep appreciation,


Jamison Watts

Executive Director