West Marin Sheriff’s Calls


Monday November 24

Forest Knolls 9:52 am 7-year old son told his mom that her boyfriend was complaining about him being hungry and holding his arms behind his back to restrain him. Deputies at the scene discerned there was ample food at house and that boy had a history of behavioral issues. Boyfriend stated that he had restrained the boy several months ago to stop boy from hitting him in the face with a stick.

Point Reyes Station 5:18 pm Caller reported a man behind the wheel of his car looking as if he were intoxicated. Deputies found traveler in question who was reportedly hungry and tired, not drunk. Girlfriend of driver stated that he would eat and sleep before moving on.

Bolinas 6:07 pm Woman reported that a check she had written to her friend was deposited with the wrong check number. Deposit amount was correct and woman was advised to call her bank to work out discrepancy between check numbers.


Tuesday November 25

Inverness 12:08 pm Wife called to clarify issue regarding a restraining order in place with her husband.

Woodacre 10:18 pm Neighbors reported a gathering, allegedly of juveniles, with between 20-40 associated vehicles.


Wednesday November 26

Dillon Beach 12:55 pm Reporting party stated that a washer and a stove were dumped on their property.

Forest Knolls 3:03 pm Woman reported that her partner burst into her residence and may have attacked her. Her partner is disabled and no signs of assault were found.


Thursday November 27

Dillon Beach 2:37 am Reporting party called to report that a boat and trailer had been parked there for over a year.

Inverness 11:51 am A bicyclist lost a driver’s license between Sir Francis Drake and Bear Valley. Reporting party was advised to replace driver’s license.

Forest Knolls 3:22 pm Reporting party stated that a small grey dog that looked like a Scotty had run by them and almost caused an accident.

Marshall 3:42 pm Mom reported that her son had gone abalone diving and was overdue. Son was contacted and stated he would call his mother.

Bolinas 7:10 pm Uncle and aunt reported that their nephew was being disruptive and physically violent. Family contacted and they stated that nephew has an angry disposition, but had not assaulted anyone.

Forest Knolls 10:43 pm Woman reported that she is a psychiatric nurse and has come home every night recently to find feces smeared across her driveway.


Friday November 28

Bolinas 11:46 am Deputies arrested someone on an outstanding warrant.

Stinson 3:39 pm A man made multiple calls to the police t to report that his view of the ocean was being obstructed by his neighbor’s recent construction. Man advised to check into County code ordinances.

Bolinas 4:33 pm Man initially stated that his boat had been robbed of $1,000 worth of fishing equipment. Man went on to say that items weren’t worth much and that he didn’t want to file a report.

Woodacre 9:49 am Woman reported that her dad, who had been taking care of her, was recently hospitalized and she was concerned about being alone. Woman allegedly sounded paranoid and anxious. Extra patrols requested for her area.


Saturday November 29

Olema 12:09 am Woman reported that there was a very loud party at the opposite end of the campground.

Point Reyes Station 6:34 pm Reporting party stated that five huskies were locked in a minibus with wood chips on the floor. Deputies advised caller that there was plenty of room in the bus for dogs to romp, and none of the animals was in distress.

Forest Knolls 6:34 pm Woman reported that her ex-boyfriend told her he has cancer and that he was threatening to kill her. Woman given advice on how to obtain a temporary restraining order.


Sunday November 30

Woodacre 12:13 am The fire department responded to the scene after electric wire were reported hanging from a tree over the roadway. Fire department asked sheriff’s office to close down the road since PG&E would not be able to address issue for several hours.

Bolinas 2:25 pm Two tackle boxes and eight fishing poles were allegedly stolen from a boat. Reporting party did not want to file a report.

Nicasio 9:27 pm Woman reported that a man broke into her house and left after she punched him the face.