West Marin Sheriff’s logs

Monday November 3
Forest Knolls 12:29 am Woman reported that a “guest” was being loud and uncooperative with staff. Man eventually calmed down and agreed to go to sleep.
Inverness 9:37 am Credit card fraud reported.
Bolinas 10:25 am Man left a cooler, his tackle box and cutting board at the end of the wharf for over an hour and was surprised to come back and find his belongings missing.
Inverness Park 1:02 pm Reporting party stated that a woman was trying to enter her property.

Tuesday November 4
Stinson Beach 1:54 pm Man reported missing by his employer after leaving van bound for Stinson Beach and failing to rejoin group on beach. Man reportedly got car sick and subsequently disappeared.
Woodacre 4:40 pm Woman reported that her neighbor is dumping leaves into a creek next to their property. She believes this may be illegal and would like advice.
Bolinas 8:54 pm Mom believes that her 16 year old son was being argumentative and feels he may have threatened her. Issue abated upon arrival of deputy.

Wednesday November 5
Dillon Beach 10:53 am Man reported that he had heard secondhand that his trailer had been broken into and items removed by an unknown intruder.
Point Reyes Station 2:54 pm Woman reports that her front window is broken and that there is blood on her back door. Culprit was most likely a misguided deer or other animal that also left hair throughout the property.
Nicasio 5:54 pm An employee at the local jail heard from a woman that she was assaulted by her on and off again partner.
Forest Knolls 8:01 pm A man returned from work and found a man and a woman heavily intoxicated at his residence. Man yelled at all parties to leave. Woman was transported to her residence and other party ran off into the night.
Point Reyes Station 10:46 pm Caller reported seeing two juveniles on the roof of the public bathroom.

Thursday November 6
Lagunitas 12:53 pm A man reported that a juvenile in his neighborhood stole his golf cart and returned it damaged, while also damaging another vehicle on his property. Parents of juvenile stated that they would “handle” it, but no one has gotten in touch with homeowner.
Woodacre 1:28 pm Man called a mortgage company that promised to give him $3,500 if they couldn’t reduce his mortgage payments. Company failed to reduce his payments and is also not giving him $3,500. Man is upset on both fronts.
Point Reyes Station 2:16 pm Reporting party is a tenant at a property in escrow and has been given a court date of 11/15 to leave property. Tenant alleges that incoming tenants cut a lock from tenant’s storage locker and stole $3,000 worth of property.
Friday November 7
Bolinas 11:19 pm Man reported that his ex-girlfriend had stolen his computer and then returned it to him. Computer is now missing documents and pictures that were previously stored in hard drive. Man wished to press charges of theft and unlawful access of a computer network.
Stinson Beach 2:48 pm Man reported that a waste management company had dropped off a dumpster in front of his residence. Man called company number and they denied it was their dumpster. Search continues for rightful owner.
Tomales 2:49 pm Two juveniles were caught at school with undisclosed drugs. Parents were notified.
Inverness 7:16 pm Man reported that a neighbor had put their dog outside and it has been barking constantly. Man tried contacting neighbor with no success. Deputies were quickly able to contact dog owners who brought the barking canine indoors.
Bolinas 10:47 pm Girl reported that she was punched in the face and beaten up by another female teenager. Accused was wearing a jean jacket and was located at the beach with a large group of friends, arrested and charged with assault.

Saturday November 8
Forest Knolls 12:28 pm Mom called deputies to report that her baby’s father had showed up unannounced. Dispatcher heard man threaten to beat up the woman. A judge immediately granted woman an emergency protection order. Man was charged in absentia for issuing threats.
Dillon Beach 10:24 pm A woman went to an adjoining trailer and asked the men inside to turn off their radio. Men gave her “grief” and soon after one of the men came to her trailer door to report that their generator wasn’t on. Deputies came and gave advice to both parties.

Sunday November 9
Woodacre 12:31 pm Man called to report fraud on his Comcast account. Man had filled out Comcast’s forms and wanted to know if he should do anything else. Deputies attempted to call him with information but man was unavailable.
Forest Knolls 12:44 pm A man in his 30’s was reportedly walking through the park drinking and talking to himself. Man was contacted and asked to leave the park.
Dillon Beach 1:40 pm Man reported that his tire was slashed sometime in the night. Man suspected it was one of the campers parked in the area.