PUBG Launches LABS Ranked Ruleset

PUBG Launches LABS Ranked Ruleset

PUBG was one of the biggest pioneers of the original Battle Royale fashion push, but it’s no secret that it has fallen a bit in many ways since games like Apex and Fortnite came and took over. However, PUBG seems to be here to stay, and the competitive scene is still alive and well.

At the end of the competitive scene, PUBG decided to focus more on the competitive scene, which they said should be highlighted. By presenting the set of classified rules, they now deliver the new rules to the community in the hope that they will be able to add a little refinement.

“One of the most important elements of Battle Royale is survival, and being the last survivor means developing through experience,” says their announcement. “However, many of you have said that PUBG must also promote fierce competition between players when they play and win games, and a set of rules to amplify this competitive spirit. For these players, we are happy to present the standard rule setPUBG Launches LABS Ranked Ruleset To Receive Feedback On Future Ranked Competition

The loot appearances have been adjusted and should be much higher than normal games. The spawn rate of items such as primary weapons, level 2 equipment, goggles and first aid kits has been specially increased.

The blue zone will also move faster and faster to force more clashes due to the lower number of players. Players should also expect changes in the flight path of the departure plane as it approaches the first safety zone.

Vehicle appearances will be preserved in the same way as in normal games, but the motorized glider will be deactivated until it can modify it so that it is properly balanced for competitive play. Red zones will occur closer to the edges of safe zones to punish players who are out of position. Finally, the fu