Shane Dawson Addresses Comments About

Shane Dawson Addresses Comments About

Shane Dawson has been a staple of the YouTube community for over a decade. Although he seems to be used to social media trolls attacking everything about him, he revealed that it still affected him.

Viewers listened to his conspiracy theories and the Jeffree Star collaborations by the millions. With such a large number of views and subscribers, he has been the subject of online harassment since he started his career as a Youtuber.

However, the videographer recently responded to a comment on his weight gain that led him to make a video explaining how he is feeling and his plans for the future.

If you follow Dawson, you know he lost a lot of weight by changing his lifestyle. Lately, her appearance has changed. Shane Dawson Addresses Comments About His Weight Gain: ‘F*** You’

One viewer commented, “I love Shane, but it’s a shame to see him gain all that weight while everyone around him laughs and allows it.

Shane shared a screenshot of the message with his saying, “Hey Shane, why don’t you post more?” Why don’t you download more?
Well… you would think that after 13 years on YouTube, the comments would not reach me, but d ***… they still feel like the very first time haha.
e train me, listen. My only answer is going to be f ** k you. People who make fun of people’s weight, or who attack people’s weight, literally fuck you. You will soon die, I know it, I feel it, I am a medium. I was not going to address this big comment because I had a bad day, I felt sensitive, I should not even have talked about it, but I think that there may be a good lesson. A, don’t let people tell you about the Internet bothering you, they will, but try not to let them bother you, and B, everything people say about you is just a projection of what ‘they think of themselves, or they want juice