Sheriff – Week of 06/12/14

Monday June 2

Bolinas 10:16 a.m Passport was stolen by an acquaintance. Reporting party confronted suspect asking if she took the passport. She first said she did not, but then texted that she did and was not giving it back. Report taken for possible lost/stolen passport.

Point Reyes Station 12:32 pm Reporting party wants to file report of employee stealing money. Would like to terminate employee today.

Forest Knolls 1:50 pm Caller reports that subject came onto property after being evicted.

Tomales 3:30 pm Trash from dumpsters is overflowing into callers yard. Garbage truck was seen working its way up to Tomales earlier in the day.

Point Reyes Station 3:53 pm Welfare check requested for female who attempted to lacerate her wrist the day before but was not seen medically. Woman said she is fine and does not want to hurt herself any more.

Tuesday June 3

Olema 9:13 am Non-injury vehicle accident. Two vehicles involved.

Woodacre 9:19 am Former tenant working on caller’s property. Was evicted two years ago and not supposed to be there.

Stinson Beach 9:26 am Caller reports damage to front of store occurred during the night. Large planters and benches damaged. Several items moved to roadway, second time in two weeks. Requests extra patrols during evening hours.

Woodacre 1:06 pm Reporting party was walking and two dogs started to follow her. Resident came out of house and started yelling and threatening to kill the dogs, even after caller explained they weren’t hers. No merit to any crime other than citations issued to dog owners.

Point Reyes Station 4:19 pm Reporting party had all four tires slashed. Suspect may person she has restraining order against.

Woodacre 4:49 pm Four year old stuck in tree is crying and has a sore leg.

Inverness 5:26 pm Reporting party believes she has lost $300 in cash somewhere in her house.

Tomales 6:04 pm Ongoing problem with dumpster from nearby store/restaurant parked in front of caller’s house and garbage is blowing all over her property.

Inverness 6:16 pm Reporting party would like to talk to deputy regarding her tenant. Caller is yelling and upset. Advice given and she calmed down.

Inverness Park 7:12 pm Party reports missing person who left the home in morning and planned to meet spouse in office at 3 pm He was not there. When she returned home his cell was there as well as the dog. Report taken.

Wednesday June 4

Lagunitas 8:43 am Vandalism. Someone spray-painted reporting party’s property and threw rocks in window. Information was second hand from a neighbor of the caller’s. This is the third time the house has been spray-painted and this time a window was smashed as well. Caller plans to install surveillance system.

Point Reyes Station 9:15 am Water truck filling up at hydrant and caller thinks it is illegal. Meter on hydrant provided by MMWD allowing them to use.

Forest Knolls 3:28 pm Reporting party claims that suspect taped the water spigot in the park with electrical tape making it so reporting party could not go to the store the day before, due to the suspects screaming. Reporting party is at the store now and would like deputy to talk to suspect. No merit to any violation. Deputy advised caller and suspect to stay apart.

San Geronimo Valley 8:23 pm One woman standing and a male and female sitting on ground in bushes. Subjects were trying to move a deer carcass out of the roadway.

Bolinas 9:05 pm Two campers parked for three days. No plate info. Reporting party believes there are people living inside, but no one was there. Vehicles tagged.

Thursday June 5

Point Reyes Station 5:27 am Reporting party states that they can see a large fire through their binoculars across the bay. Deputies found a couple with an illegal campfire and admonished them for their carelessness.

Inverness 4:38 pm Woman called to ask for assistance with getting rid of her husband’ friend.

Inverness 5:21 pm Woman called to state she was being harassed. No further information given.

Bolinas 6:46 pm Boyfriend and girlfriend were involved in a verbal dispute. Boyfriend stated that his girlfriend hit the window of his truck. Both parties agreed to separate for the evening.

Point Reyes Station 7:47 pm Woman called to report a $42.67 fraudulent charge on her credit card. Woman believes the responsible party may be the person who has been stalking her. Deputies spoke to the manager at the establishment where fraud occurred and they discerned that charge occurred after woman swiped her card twice and paid for the person behind her.

Friday June 6

Woodacre 9:40 am Listing agent reports that man who is currently living in house she is attempting to show is verbally abusive whenever she shows up. She has routinely left a 24 hour notice to let him know when she will be by but he continues to yell at her.

Nicasio 12:13 pm Woman on bike ride states that motorcycle rider keeps passing her and then stops and lets her pass and then follows her and stops ahead of her again. Man reports to deputy that he is an international driver and he has been stopping repeatedly to check his map for directions.

Bolinas 12:40 pm Woman was locked out her shared residence by her ex-boyfriend. Now she cannot get any of her stuff. Deputy came to provide a standby.

Stinson Beach 4:17 pm Man loaned his phone to a homeless subject and after he retrieved his phone he saw that mean texts and phone calls had been sent to an elderly woman who lives in the area.

Stinson Beach 5:59 pm A woman called to ask about a voice mail she had received from a man who indicated that she was the subject of various threats from a local homeless man.

Forest Knolls 11:45 pm Brothers were reportedly about to get into a fight.

Saturday June 7

Forest Knolls 8:27 am Subject arrested on an outstanding warrant. Bolinas 8:40 am Woman woke to find a man outside her house taking pictures of her property with a drone. Man stated he was working on a project but refused to elaborate.

Stinson Beach 12:49 pm A report came in of a 27 yr-old hiker .8 miles from the P-lot trail head had suffered a dislocated shoulder.

Woodacre 2:01 pm Man reported that he had received an empty box from an E-Bay purchase that was supposed to contain an I-Pad. Report taken for fraud.

Forest Knolls 7:38 pm Woman would like advice on how to handle potential issues with her sister and neighbor.

Sunday June 8

Dillon Beach 2:22 am A report of two males wearing sweatshirts while standing on the roof.

Forest Knolls 1:13 pm Son was texted twice this morning by his mother stating, “I love you, Please forgive me.” Mom has a history of suicidal ideation, threats and depression. Deputies contacted mom, who did not meet criteria for involuntary psychiatric hold. Mom’s sister was on her way to mom’s house to make sure everything was okay.

Dillon Beach 1:15 pm Rowdy customers were refusing to leave the premises and were now perched on the dunes. Group soon left without incident.

Point Reyes Station 3:48 pm Woman left her wallet at local establishment yesterday. She called and spoke with owner and was told her wallet had been turned in. Today when she called to see if could pick it up, the employee on-site told her that they didn’t have her wallet. Deputy will contact the owner tomorrow to determine what happened.

Point Reyes Station 8:17 pm Someone called to complain that there is loud music, people screaming and possibly excessive alcohol at a rowdy party. Deputies arrived at what turned out to be a baby shower that was not loud, and was ending shortly.

Forest Knolls 11:42 pm Reporting party states there is a man lying in the middle of the road. Deputies arrived on the scene to find that all parties had gone inside for the night.