West Marin Sheriff’s Calls


December 17-22

Wednesday December 17

San Geronimo Valley 6:01 am Small rocks partially blocking SFD

San Geronimo Valley 11:22 am Driver stopped for false tabs, suspended license, no insurance and expired registration. Vehicle towed.

Nicasio 9:20 pm Subject has been kicked off property multiple times but returns. Is sitting in car and will not leave. Subject arrested and booked.

Nicasio 10:56 pm Transformer is on fire dropping sparks onto roadway. Transformer isolated, roadway open.

Point Reyes Station 12:52 pm Driver lost, other car stopped for U turn from right shoulder. 1/8 ounce of marijuana in center console with lighter and two pipes, marijuana card present.

Point Reyes Station 3:43 pm One black cow on side of road, several others were about to follow. A deputy corralled the cow with some help and the bovine is back to pasture which is part of the Genazzi Ranch. There is still a break in the fence which owner promised to fix.

Woodacre 6:18 pm Civil dispute. Reporting party believes owner of house made entry and took two checks written out a year ago. This is an on-going issue Deputy will attempt to contact land owner by email.

Thursday December 18

Nicasio 2:34 pm Tree down at blind turn with a line coming down that is 10 feet from touching ground. Top of the pole is sparking. Roadway cleared, lines are hanging well above it.

Nicasio 8:51 am CPA completed at Nicasio School. School staff advised that school would be dismissed at noon the following day for winter break. Advised parent about emergency communication.

Lagunitas School Road 9:17 am CPA completed at Lagunitas School. School to be dismissed at noon the next day. Deputy walked the campus and spoke with the school principal.

Lucas Valley 10:02 am CPA completed. Walked school campus, spoke with school staff.

Forest Knolls 2:00 pm Fraud reported. Someone accessed reporting party’s bank account. Reported loss $200-300.

Forest Knolls 4:07 pm Caller reports squatters on the property who had a propane tank and food delivered earlier. Squatters contacted and were cooperative. They have a court order allowing them to stay until 1-9-15, and are attempting to find new housing in Fairfax.

Point Reyes Station 5:35 pm Reporting party lost wallet at unknown location, possibly near Bovine Bakery. Bakery does not have it.


Friday December 19

Stinson Beach 10:55 am. Alarm went off on entry door. All secure, property manager says.

Stinson Beach 12:15 pm Landslide about 10 feet deep. on Bourne Fire Road covering both sides of road

Woodacre 2:14 pm Caller is staying at friend’s mothers house and believes someone was in the house while caller was at the market. Caller does not feel safe. Items have been moved. No forced entry noted, pillows and stuffed animals moved and baggie with meth scrapings and straw inside. Subject has PTSD and military background, works with explosives. It may be the brother who entered but caller is going to move out.


Saturday December 20

Point Reyes Station 1:28 pm Vehicle abatement. Honda with smashed front parked for 4 days, unknown owner. Sticker placed on front drivers side window. Vehicle has major damage.

Inverness Park 5:22 am Subject parked on private road. Vehicle is now unoccupied but caller heard voices heard earlier.

Nicasio 9:29 am Former employee who was arrested the previous night for trespassing is back close to property and is on foot in Lucas Valley towards Big Rock. Subject was cuffed and double locked, transported to Cheda’s where his car had been towed.

Bolinas 12:00 pm Deer hit by car near hardware store on Olema-Bolinas Road and is still alive, trying to get up but keeps falling down. Humane Society notified.


Sunday December 21

Inverness Park 8:29 am Reporting party heard someone attempt to open her front door, saw a motion activated light on in carport. Heard loud noises. Deputy found no forced entry, unknown cause of noise.

Woodacre 8:40 am Female acting strangely, says she needs food, appears to be out of it and acting very odd. Fireman was able to talk her into going to hospital to verify that there are no medical problems.

Point Reyes Station 9:02 am Motorcycle rider down, injured and unable to get up, is. Ambulance and tow truck on scene.

Stinson Beach 5:34 pm Male subject flagged reporting party in vehicle, stating he was lost and has lost his bike. Is now waiting for next bus and refuses to talk to deputy.

Nicasio 8:30 pm Drunk male on reporting party’s property. Subject booked.

Forest Knolls 10:19 pm Caller reporting her brother has marijuana in the house. Subject released to KTL staff.


Monday December 22

Dogtown 10:54 am Two large potholes in the north bound lanes, two more on north bound between Olema and Point Reyes.

Bolinas 1:33 pm Reporting party is at the Firehouse wanting to speak with a deputy regarding service of restraining order for a homeless person. Area checked for subject to attempt service.

Nicasio 2:01 pm White van weaving and crossing double yellow lines.

Stinson Beach 2:24 pm Reporting party says he received a call from someone saying he was from the IRS, threatening and trying to get the caller to pay money. Call is recorded.

Chileno Valley 3:20 pm Reporting party was bike riding and found a purple daypack in a culvert. It appears to be dry and recently dumped and may belong to a Santa Rosa Junior College student.

Point Reyes Station 4:02 pm Reporting party received threatening message on answering machine. Unkown male said it was urgent she call him back or there would be “consequences”. Advice given.