West Marin Sheriff’s Logs


Monday November 17

Stinson Beach 12:09 p.m. Victim stated that brother attacked and possibly broke his finger after drinking alcohol for a long period of time.. Victim was out of town when reporting crime and stated he would be getting a restraining order upon his return.

Tomales 11:20 p.m. A welfare check was requested for an elderly resident who hadn’t been seen for a while.

Tuesday November 18

Point Reyes Station 1:28 a.m. Woman reported that she had just broke up with her boyfriend and is now living in fear of man’s AA sponsor. Man reportedly was at her house earlier and owns a lot of guns.

Bolinas 12:34 p.m. A company rented an electric sign to notify traffic of upcoming construction. Keyboard that comes with equipment is broken and sign now says, “Beaches closed, Zombies ahead.” Sign has been removed.

Nicasio 12:48 p.m. Man is using his broom to clean the street and his neighbor is telling him that he is not allowed to.

Tomales 7:15 p.m. Woman’s daughter is in a school program in Tel Aviv, Israel. Woman had heard about bombings in the area and now can’t reach her daughter. Mom wanted the sheriff’s department to make some calls to the Israeli Embassy and find out what is happening. Irate mother was referred to the State Department as this was beyond the scope of what local deputies typically address.

Wednesday November 19

Tomales 8:01 a.m. A person was arrested on charges of violating a restraining order, contempt of court and driving with a suspended license.

Tomales 12:14 p.m. Deputies tried to contact the victim of a crime to let them know that suspect was being released from jail but victim’s phone would not receive calls from blocked numbers. Deputies attempted to contact victim from unblocked number with no success.

Forest Knolls 1:56 p.m. Woman called to report that her roommate had borrowed her purse without permission and now is in San Francisco. Woman reports that roommate often borrows things without asking and would like advice on finding other housing.

Point Reyes Station 1:58 p.m. Man called to state that a tree trimming service received permission from his neighbor to cut down a tree on his property. Later, he admitted that PG&E had orders to cut back the tree for safety concerns but that he felt that tree trimming company went too far, and may have done so after seeking permission from his neighbor.

Woodacre 3:20 p.m. An attorney who had been recently hired in a divorce case could not reach the woman they were representing. They feared for her safety and wanted deputies to investigate. Woman contacted and stated she was fine but had a new cell number and hadn’t updated all her contacts.

Point Reyes Station 8:20 p.m. There was a domestic dispute reported and wife left home with child for the night to cool off.

Thursday November 20

Nicasio 11:30 a.m. Employees at Sky Walker ranch asked for extra patrol in their area after terminating an employee who they felt might act out violently.

Forest Knolls 1:58 p.m. Reporting party stated that someone had fraudulently used their debit card in Cupertino.

Lagunitas 9:52 p.m. Man charged with violating a restraining order after sending an email from Washington State to his ex.

Bolinas 11:14 p.m. Person was arrested and booked on charges of trespassing.

Friday November 21

Bolinas 8:40 a.m. Wife called deputies to report that she and her husband are having ‘domestic issues’. She states that it has only been verbal and that he has taken away her phone. Husband was dropping off son at school and also on another line when deputies tried to contact him. Wife stated that she would call deputies back when he got home so they could talk directly with him.

Inverness Park 9:17 a.m. Woman reported that she had received a call from a man stating that she had won $500,000 and that he needed I.D. and registration so he could send an UPS driver over with her big check. Deputies investigated woman’s claim and found that man was perpetrating a scam.

Woodacre 10:17 p.m. Around 12 vehicles drove to end of road and a large crowd of juveniles seemed to be gathering for a party. Party dispersed prior to arrival of deputy.

Saturday November 22

Woodacre 11:24 a.m. A woman called and stated that her tablet had alerted her to the fact that her computer had been hacked and also warned her that the hackers were on their way to her house. Tablet told its owner that they were on Carson and coming her way. Deputy who investigated found no sign of any hackers or evidence of hacking. She was advised that if she continues to have issue with Comcast, she should consider changing providers.

Point Reyes Station 2:16 p.m. A driver was cited for squeezing by a man walking slowly on crutches through a cross walk.

Forest Knolls 2:59 p.m. A woman was cited for drinking a 40 oz. of Coors in the park.

Forest Knolls 6:32 p.m. An older woman called deputies and stated that she believed she should go to Helen Vine Detox Center. Woman stated that she believed that she had one glass of wine today and agreed that she wouldn’t try to drive herself to Helen Vine.

Lagunitas 11:12 p.m. A woman called to report that she believed that there was a party going on next door with no adults and involving alcohol. Deputies found a gathering of adults who agreed to keep it down.

Sunday November 23

Point Reyes Station 2:22 a.m. Woman called to state that she believed, for a number of reasons, that a female acquaintance would be coming by her house shortly to vandalize her vehicle.

Dillon Beach 12:56 p.m.

Man reported that someone had broken into his house sometime over the past two weeks and had turned his hot tub on and broke the valve off that controls the water.

Tomales 9:10 p.m. Three black cows reported in the roadway.