West Marin Sheriff’s Logs



Monday January 5

Bolinas 3:04 am A silver truck was reported stuck in a drain culvert. Truck removed without incident.

Bolinas 8:54 am Landlord believes his tenant has abandoned his rental property after not paying rent for several months, and not being seen by anyone for over a week.

Woodacre 9:00 am Residents report coper pipe stolen from exterior of house.

Point Reyes Station 12:25 pm Man reports that someone has broken into his bike storage container. Bikes were strewn around the property but none were reported stolen.

Nicasio 3:30 pm Subject was placed on a psychiatric hold for being a danger to themselves and/or others.

Bolinas 10:55 pm Reporting party stated that a neighbor, who is allegedly unstable, was ignoring their dog, who had been barking for the past 30 minutes. Deputies found the dog outside of owners house and owner asleep.


Tuesday January 6

Point Reyes Station 8:44 am Report filed for stolen laptop.

Inverness 10:17 am Homeowner hired people found on Craigslist to do work on their home. Homeowner is now reporting a stolen comforter, antique kitchenware and some tools.

Forest Knolls 10:35 am Woman reported that she and her husband of several years were separating amicably. They still reside in the same residence in separate bedrooms. Her soon to be ex is sending her text messages threatening to abscond to Germany with the children.

Forest Knolls 11:20 am Caller is owner of local produce stand who reported having received a threatening letter. Letter did not explicitly threaten, but mostly complained about the high prices.

Tomales 1:11 pm Woman came home to find a strange message on her answering machine. When she called the number back a person stated they were from the IRS and started asking her personal and obscene questions. Woman does not believe the person actually works for the federal government.

Stinson Beach 4:53 pm Reporting party reports that elderly father has been threatening with a knife. Dad is calm now and caller was given information regarding local care facilities.

Forest Knolls 10:16 pm Reporting party states they have heard yelling coming from possible squatters. Caller also reports that squatters may have a campfire.


Wednesday January 7

Point Reyes Station 10:40 am Reporting party wanted to talk to a deputy about bringing in some ammunition, presumably for disposal.

Lagunitas 11:49 am Woman called to ask about guidelines for psychiatric holds. She is concerned for her friend who has both mental health and alcohol issues.

Bolinas 11:05 pm Reporting party called about neighbor’s barking dog. Deputies found dog locked outside and asked owner to bring it inside.


Thursday January 8

Point Reyes Station 1:49 pm Man reported that he had lost his wallet in the hardware store three days ago. Deputies contacted hardware store. No one had turned in a wallet..


Friday January 9

Point Reyes Station 12:22 pm Dad called deputies to report concern for his son whom he last saw yesterday. Daughter confirmed she had skyped with her brother that morning but dad still wanted deputies to keep their eyes open for him.

Bolinas 1:56 pm Woman called deputies to report she has been trying to serve her ex-husband papers for several months without success. She is very frustrated and wanted to have his cell phone pinged. Deputies explained this is not a service they are able to provide.

Woodacre 8:37 pm Mom called to report she has some concerns after speaking with her ten year old son who was spending nights at his doctor’s house. Deputies investigated and reported that everything was fine.

Saturday January 10

Dillon Beach 1:43 am Caller reported a group of people releasing around 20 lanterns into the sky. Caller believes this could be a fire hazard.

Bolinas 2:30 pm Subject arrested and booked on an outstanding warrant.

Point Reyes Station 3:40 pm Reporting party concerned for a medically fragile friend who they hadn’t seen for over a week. Person was safe and stated that they just hadn’t wanted to talk the person who reported that they might be in trouble.

Point Reyes Station 8:17 pm Woman was having argument and was now having trouble breathing.


Sunday January 11

Woodacre 5:56 am Caller reported Christmas trees on fire in a nearby lot.

Woodacre 11:27 am A car was reportedly on fire after oil dripped on engine. Driver asked passerby to call 911 but fire extinguished itself in a few minutes.

Forest Knolls 11:11 pm A case was opened regarding a recently discovered corpse. Body transported to the coroner.