West Marin Sheriff’s Logs


Monday January 12

Marshall 4:40 pm Party called dispatcher to get a report number for a boat accident that occurred last week.


Tuesday January 13

Marshall 11:53 am A school bus driver found 6 rounds of .22 caliber rifle bullets on the floor of his bus. He had just dropped off 38 kids at a central location with 200 already waiting kids. Juvenile was located and sent home for the day.


Wednesday January 14

Dillon Beach 10:39 am Man called deputies because his next door neighbor had workers completing masonry work and was concerned about debris and dust getting into his house.

Woodacre 12:49 pm Woman seeking advice about a restraining order that the father of her son has filed against her.

Woodacre 2:21 pm Reporting party stated that the stove in the living room was causing the upstairs to fill with smoke.

Point Reyes Station 4:27 pm Bus driver found a wallet on his bus and turned it in to the sheriff’s office.

Point Reyes Station 4:45 pm Storeowner reported that a white male in his 60’s with quality taste had just stolen a bottle of wine. Total loss estimated at $35.

Bolinas 10:50 pm Deputies warned the owner of a barking dog about ongoing complaints regarding the vocal canine.


Thursday January 15

Tomales 1:44 pm A woman called deputies to report that there was a real estate agent on her property who wouldn’t leave. Real estate agent called deputies at the same time to tell to other side of the story.

Bolinas 3:24 pm Home owner reported that a boarded up window in their house was broken through and alcohol stolen. Window had been broken during previous similar incident two weeks ago. Approximately $150 worth of alcohol stolen.

Point Reyes Station 4:02 pm Storeowner reported that the same man who had stolen a bottle of wine yesterday was back in the store. Caller advised to call dispatch back if man leaves.

Point Reyes Station 4:23 pm A registered nurse called deputies to report that a client had made statements alluding to suicide. Woman apparently was not happy with a medication she was taking that could not being refilled until tomorrow.


Friday January 16

Point Reyes Station 8:24 am Man called deputies to report that his ex was at his house to pick up their daughter in violation of their custody order. Deputy checked in on custody order and verified it was a temporary order without mention of specific drop off and pick up times. Parents advised to agree on visitation schedule and confirm through their respective attorneys.

Stinson Beach 10:56 am Man called deputies to report that he thought that there were Canadians illegally camping in the area.

Tomales 12:11 pm Woman called deputies after receiving a notice from a collection agency for an account she was unaware of. Woman checked her credit report and found four fraudulent credit cards and five AT&T accounts opened in her name. Report given to woman to address identity theft issues.

Nicasio 1:35 pm Man called to ask about regulations around shooting off firearms on his property.

Nicasio 2:30 pm In an unrelated incident, a man called to report shots fired in the vicinity of his home.

Bolinas 2:50 pm A man called to report that a man he knows had asked him for money at Smiley’s and became angry when man refused. Deputies checked into the incident and confirmed that ‘angry’ man was only joking around.

Inverness Park 3:47 pm A dad called to report that he was having a problem with his grown daughter. Deputies reported to the scene and reported, that “situation mediated between wonderful daughter and great old man.” Clearly, no love lost between any of the parties involved.

Woodacre 6:14 pm Deputies received word regarding the traffic death of a local resident and had the woeful task of contacting the deceased woman’s mother to inform her of the tragic event.

Lagunitas 7:49 pm Reporting party called deputies to report that the driver of a large truck was throwing rocks at their vehicle.

Point Reyes Station 8:53 pm Woman called deputies to report that her ex-husband had stolen $2000 from her home. She then found him down by the creek, where he reportedly was high on prescription pain medicine.

Saturday January 17

Nicasio 12:46 pm Reporting party stated that someone drove through a fence and onto a field, damaging the property. Off roader allegedly took down some signs during his trek and left behind a broken taillight.

Inverness Park 2:47 pm Woman called deputies to report that either an animal or a person had carved something into her deck. Carving looks to spell out “Lopez”. No word on which local critter might have the penmanship abilities, or the opposable thumbs, to pull off random act of vandalism.

Stinson Beach 10:44 pm Reporting party’s brother is drunk and lying on the roof of a restaurant. Reporting party states that yesterday brother had alluded to being suicidal. Brother arrested for being drunk in public.


Sunday January 18

Dillon Beach 8:34 am Reporting party called to report that ten campers had been yelling threats at other campers when they were asked to quiet down. Party of ten were up until 4:00 am partying and it seemed like they were ready to get start again. Subjects asked to leave.

Inverness Park 4:45 pm Reporting party stated that they found a cell phone in the road and are waiting for its owner to call. They stated that if they didn’t hear from them soon they would drop it off at deputy station.