West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

Monday August 18

Woodacre 2:32 pm Reporting party states that someone is dumping dry brush off the top of a hill. They are concerned about a fire hazzard.

Tomales 7:19 pm Woman reports that employees of a local establishment are verbally harassing her. Woman works alone and is concerned over this continual harassment.

Inverness 7:48 pm Mom screaming in the background of phone call. Mom and dad at home when deputies arrived, but son had already left. Apparently son was the reason for 911 call.

Tuesday August 19
Inverness 8:34 am Reporting person stated that ex had broken a restraining order via email.

Point Reyes Station 9:53 am A woman who doesn’t live in Point Reyes Station reported that she is receiving harassing texts and emails from a man with a history of stalking.

Bolinas 11:44 am A man with a red cape, baseball cap and a large stick was reported standing in the street. Man was moved along and is now standing in the park.

Wednesday August 20
Point Reyes Station 10:14 am Reporting party stated that there is a man outside selling jewelry.

Inverness 2:10 pm Reporting person called on behalf of non-English speaking coworker whose car was broken into and cell phone and wallet stolen.

Thursday August 21
Tomales 12:16 am Man reported sneaking around porch. Deputies intercepted man who had been drinking at nearby pub. Girlfriend confirmed that there had been an argument and he had walked off into the night. Furthermore, she stated that he often looks for porches to sleep on after he having too much to drink.

Inverness 3:33 am Woman called to report a man trying to get inside her residence. Man is holding a flashlight. Deputies arrived and found nothing suspicious. Woman stated that she knew she was just seeing things but felt scared and wanted to call 911 for support.

Point Reyes Station 2:22 pm A 911 call was received and a woman was screaming, “Send Police!” Deputies encountered a family disturbance that was quickly abated.

Friday August 22
Stinson Beach 2:06 am A man was crying out in the wilderness. He stated that his leg was broken while walking around his campsite. Man was transported by the fire department to the hospital.

Tomales 3:08 pm An older couple driving a gold-bronze Ford Taurus appeared to be disorientated while driving through the countryside. The person assisting them was alarmed by their inability to discern north from south on a map.

Stinson Beach 10:21 pm Two brothers were in a physical altercation. When they became aware that the police had been called, one left in a rush. The other brother was not willing to press charges and was generally uncooperative with deputies on the scene.

Saturday August 23
Woodacre 10:28 am Reporting party states that there is a physical fight going on between a man and a woman at the guest house down the street. Both parties were interviewed and indicated it was a verbal dispute.

Point Reyes Station 8:04 pm Three men were suspected of setting up camp on caller’s front yard. Men were in two separate parties and indicated that they were just passing through.

Point Reyes Station 8:48 pm Reporting party called back stating that one of the men does not appear to be leaving, may be talking to himself and also setting up camp. Man was last seen walking north, leaving the area.

Dillon Beach 9:01 pm Caller reports that a woman is at the gate saying the she was in a verbal altercation with her husband. She and her husband have recently separated but share an 11 yr-old son. Son is with dad in his car, and dad has a gun.

Inverness 9:38 pm Husband is at home with his kids and wife is outside. Wife has been drinking and is trying to kick the door in. Man does not want his wife to come inside while she reportedly is in a very agitated and violent state.

Sunday August 24
Bolinas 3:05 am Reporting party states there are 13-14 intoxicated male and female young people walking towards the center of town. Deputies were unable to locate band of drinking teens.

Bolinas 10:04 am Woman found what she describes as a ‘hand launcher’ on the beach. Deputies were able to locate what turned out to be an empty flare canister.

Inverness 12:28 pm A report came in stating that three transients are setting up camp south of the store and leaving trash and piles of debris. Party contacted and advised of complaint.

Bolinas 3:55 pm Caller reported people spraying graffiti on the beach.

Bolinas 10:17 pm Business owner called to report that an unwanted subject had turned up dressed like a ‘Kung Fu pirate’ and also had ‘Kung Fu sticks’ with him. Deputies arrived to find a man with two imitation wooden swords, possibly dressed as some sort of Ninja ocean farer. No crime committed, but man was asked to leave.