West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

West Marin Sheriff’s Report
Monday September 1
Dillon Beach 9:39 am Campground owner reported that a person who stayed the night before had left without paying

Woodacre 10:28 am Caller threatened by neighbor with a chainsaw while the neighbor was cutting trees down in an adjacent property. Chainsaw was reportedly on and in sawing motion.

Tomales 9:28 pm Owners of a local store were reportedly yelling profanities at a passing couple. The couple reports this is an ongoing issue.

Stinson Beach 10:55 pm A woman reported that her husband had threatened her. This was not the first time he had done so, but she believes she is safe for the night since he has left their property.

Tuesday September 2
Inverness 11:12 pm A mysterious knocking was reported behind a closet wall. Reporting party is concerned that this may be in some way hazardous. The fire department was sent to investigate, in lieu of a ghost-busting agency not available at this hour.

Wednesday September 3
Point Reyes Station 1:46 am Woman reported her iPhone stolen an hour ago. She used her husband’s iPhone and tracked it to “where the lagoon begins”. She believes it was stolen by a patron at the local watering hole.

Woodacre 1:47 pm Man received death threats from an unknown person on his phone via text message. Man suspects it was his neighbor.

Forest Knolls 6:55 pm Woman called to report that her mother had come to visit her and her six year-old daughter in Humboldt county. Woman’s mom had picked up young daughter at school and then disappeared. Woman believes her mother has taken daughter back to a house in Marin.

Thursday September 4
Woodacre 2:34 pm Reporting party states there is an ongoing issue with a barking dog in the area.

Bolinas 2:50 pm Reporting party was approached by a man and asked to spread a rumor for him. This has been an ongoing issue with this individual.

Friday September 5
Forest Knolls 9:32 am Subject arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Forest Knolls 8:44 pm Caller reported screaming male and female adults coming from a house. Deputies found two adults at the residence had been severely bitten by a dog the previous night and there was an argument about the dog bites. Man at house yelled for everyone to leave, and everyone eventually did.

Nicasio 9:35 pm Caller reported a “commercial drug dealing” going on at a stated property. This was not their first call to report alleged misdeeds.

Saturday September 6
Forest Knolls 12:24 am Caller reported a loud party

10:45 am Woman reported a problem with a patron who also gave her trouble last night when she was closing.

Forest Knolls 4:42 pm Subject contacted and arrested on an outstanding warrant
Woodacre 7:17 pm Woman reported that her boyfriend and her father had beaten her up. She had a split lip and had lost a lot of blood. Deputies at the scene decided she had fallen in the bathroom while she was alone. Report filed for public intoxication and violation of probation.

Olema 9:12 pm “Ruby Tuesday” was booked for standing in the roadway and almost causing an accident, and for giving a false name.

Inverness 11:44 pm A complaint came in regarding a loud party. By the time the deputy arrived it had already broken up.

Sunday September 7
Tomales 3:46 am A group of loud patrons were reportedly outside of a bar. Bartender was contacted and was able to keep allegedly loud patrons quieter for the rest of morning.

Stinson Beach 8:42 am Reporting party stated that another man just hit him in a dispute over recycled cans. Man also acted as if he would run him down in his car. Reporting party agreed to stay away from threatening man.

Inverness 12:32 pm Last night there was a loud party at a house in the area. This house is reportedly rented out weekly and is always hosting loud get-to-gethers. Reporting person would like advice on how to deal with this pattern.