West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

West Marin Sheriff’s Report

Monday September 16

Forest Knolls 6:16 am Caller would like to speak to deputy about a suspicious person who has been in the area lately. Person is not is there now.


Olema 8:34 am Caller was leaving work and exited the gate heading west when tires began to go flat. When caller changed the tire he noticed 15 screws in the right front tire and believes it was done deliberately.


Stinson Beach 9:06 am Civil dispute between residents and neighbors. Contractor is on scene about to tear down fence. Reporting party is resident’s attorney. Advised construction manager about legal complaint.


Lagunitas 6:07pm Blue Ford has 4 flat tires, and so does the vehicle of the landlord of the reporting party. Caller believes an old friend vandalized vehicles.


Bolinas 9:08 pm Caller saw someone walking in the center garden of her home. She searched the home and found no one. Property checked out, report taken.


Bolinas 10:09 pm Caller described man walking down the street yelling “Stop following me.” Caller says subject did this the other day. Calling activity abated prior to arrival of deputy, area checked out and all appears in order downtown and at Smileys.


Tuesday September 17

Bolinas 2:11 pm. Reporting party is calling again about his uncle who refused earlier transport. Uncle is 78 years old and the main complaint was that he was down for three days. Breathing is fine, no chest pains and he has calmed down.

Olema 4:03 pm. 14-yr old girl with school group on Bear Valley trail hit her head and is light-headed. Laceration to head that is very deep and bleeding. PRNS is responding.


Forest Knolls 6:07 pm 17-yr old son is at a “drug house’ without permission. Reporting party is standing outside waiting for a deputy. Son was visiting a friend that mother doesn’t like.


Forest Knolls 8:45 pm Caller says the house next door is supposed to be vacant but saw a light moving around the yard and thinks the light was shining into the vacant residence. Deputy saw no flashlights or anyone in the area of the house, lights were off and no one appeared to be inside.


Wednesday September 18

Inverness 5:56 pm Smoke coming from windows of two-story brown house and fire alarm sounding.


Thursday September 19

Bolinas 1:35 am Person swinging a sword. This in an ongoing issue and is affecting downtown visitors and businesses. Reporting party advised to seek restraining order if business is affected.


Lagunitas 12:41 pm Caller says County worker was talking on his cell phone in the middle of the road and would not let cars go by. Caller would like to file a complaint. Advice given.


San Geronimo 11:14 am Caller has had his life threatened and is on his way to subject’s house. Was advised not to go there and instead to wait for call from deputy. Parties have had a verbal altercation but there has been no crime committed at this time.


Bolinas 4:51 pm Subject with four other “shaggy” looking people is downtown drinking from an open container and wearing a large velvet purple hat with tassels, Subject unpopular with locals. No crime has been committed.


Stinson Beach 10:03 pm Fireworks on beach.


Woodacre 11:01 pm Caller not sure what he heard, but no one else heard it. All people in surrounding apartments were fine.


Friday September 20

Point Reyes Station 11:06 am The Razorback Hawk sign was taken away by unknown person (s) sometime during the night.


Forest Knolls 12:01 pm Woman called to report that man had taken her cell phone and was refusing to give it back. She called deputies from neighbor’s house and man was subsequently arrested on charges of domestic violence.


Forest Knolls 12:40 pm Reporting party states that a neighbor has been making lots of noise while working on cars. Another neighbor confronted car tinkerer about noise and they have been arguing for past 30 minutes.


Stinson Beach 5:59 pm Woman called deputies to report that people came into a residence stating they were staying at that address. Woman called homeowner and who said that no one was allowed in their home. Woman confirmed with deputies she had the correct address and then quickly hung up on the dispatcher.


Stinson Beach 6:59 pm Homeowner, who is currently in New York, reported that she had received notice from her security detail that people were staying at her house without her permission. She demanded that deputies conduct a walk through to ensure that no one was on her property.

Tomales Bay 10:02 pm Man reported a lot of loud noise, possibly a fight, in front of a local bar. Man is very upset about the noise and would like it addressed.


Saturday September 21

Tomales 7:14 am A man was found in a pasture, apparently very confused but cooperative. Man does know how he got there and lives in Fort Bragg. Man was subsequently returned to his wife for safe keeping, via the Fairfax police department.


Stinson Beach 11:54 am A woman called deputies reporting a domestic altercation and quickly hung up. According to her parents, woman has severe PTSD from the war and will be taken to the VA hospital for follow up treatment.


Inverness 7:06 pm Woman had just taken a shower and come out of her bathroom wearing only a towel to find a man in his 50’s-60’s walking around outside her bedroom door. Man was reportedly heavy set with white/grey hair.


Sunday September 22

Point Reyes Station 9:43 am A man reported his wallet missing and was subsequently reunited with his property.


Stinson Beach 10:24 am Two men became engaged in a heated verbal argument after the dog belonging to one man urinated in public.


Bolinas 1:54 pm Reporting party stated that there were three broken windows in their rental property. Previous renter, who they report as very destructive, moved out and is living next door.


Forest Knolls 6:14 pm Reporting party states that a man is outside and threatening to burn the town down. Man allegedly is schizophrenic and subject would like him taken in for a mental health evaluation.