West Marin Sheriff’s Logs


Monday October 13

Stinson Beach 5:17 am Woman walking her dog was concerned about an elderly man who is homeless. Woman came across a walker and some trash and believed it belonged to allegedly homeless man whom she believed may be in jeopardy. Man was located and stated that he is fine.

Point Reyes Station 7:45 am Reporting party stated that partner was having a mental breakdown and threatening to break down the door.

Forest Knolls 3:27 pm Caller has been receiving disturbing texts from a man- someone known to reporting party. Report taken.

Forest Knolls 10:08 pm Woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was breaking their restraining order by continuing to send her harassing texts. Ex was advised to stop texting and woman was educated on how to block a number on her IPhone.


Tuesday October 14

Dillon Beach 3:43 am Man reported that propane fueled refrigerator was on fire. Man left his trailer after fire went out because he feared the fire might be in the walls.

Woodacre 11:21 pm Woman reported that her neighbor was blowing leaves with his leaf blower onto her property. Man reports this is not the first time he has this conversation with his neighbor and agreed he would no longer displace his leaves on her property.

Wednesday October 15

Nicasio 7:39 pm Dispatcher received a call from someone yelling “Oh my God!” in the background. Male subject got on the line and stated everything was okay and then hung up.

Point Reyes Station 7:43 pm Brother called deputies to request they check in on his sister whose phone has been busy all day. Sister contacted and advised to call her brother.


Thursday October 16

Inverness Park 9:03 am Man contacted deputies to report that he lost his drivers license somewhere in his home. Man advised about how to replace his I.D. at local DMV.

Stinson Beach 2:53 pm The fire department passed on second hand information regarding a man walking around saying that he wants to kill police officers.

Stinson Beach 3:21 pm A woman reported that she saw a woman standing in front of a store looking sad. Woman was wearing loose baggy men’s clothing and was accompanied by a man.

Marshall 5:36 pm Neighbors contacted caller to report that they believe someone is setting up a campsite near the Post Office. Deputies investigated and did not find anybody camping in the area.

Point Reyes Station 8:18 pm Man reported that someone next door was having a loud drunken party. Man asked by dispatcher if he believed this could have something to do with the Giants game on T.V. Man said he heard someone yell, “Kill me!” Deputies found everything quiet at the party house and were unable to reach the responding person to follow up.

Bolinas 8:44 pm Woman called to report that she heard a man and woman screaming at each other somewhere in the vicinity of the tennis courts. Deputies at the scene were unable to locate argumentative couple.

Bolinas 9:18 pm Man arrested and booked for outstanding warrant.

Bolinas 10:01 pm Man called to report that his girlfriend is trying to evict him. Girlfriend got on phone to say that he had hit her. Man and woman had been drinking and man agreed to leave for the night.


Friday October 17

Woodacre 5:02 am Reporting party stated that there is a jeep covered with a tan tarp that has been parked in the area for a month. Deputies searched the area and could not find a jeep nor any other vehicle covered with a tarp.

Point Reyes Station 8:19 am Reporting party stated that they had been involved in a road rage incident. Subject allegedly had a gun but when confronted by deputies was found in possession of a knife.

Bolinas 9:48 am Reporting party stated his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend were at their house this morning being aggressive. Party would like some advice.

Bolinas 10:01 am Clinic called to report that a patient, who in the past has been belligerent and is scheduled to come in today, is being told he can no longer get his pain medication from them. Clinic is concerned that man may react badly.


Saturday October 18

Bolinas 4:00 am Man at local hospital reported to staff that he had been assaulted outside a local bar. When contacted he said that it was more of an accidental assault and would not cooperate with questioning as he did not believe any crime had occurred.

Point Reyes Station 10:52 am Reporting party was driving and came upon a group of bicyclist’s driving three abreast and blocking the roadway. When asked to move, driver received the finger.

Forest Knolls 8:28 pm Man stated that his Apple lap top computer had been stolen from under his bed. Burglar allegedly entered through unlocked back door.


Sunday October 19

Lagunitas 4:33 pm Woman reported that her babysitter is stalking her. She also alleges that she beats her child and has been videotaping her.

Forest Knolls 11:51 pm Reporting party stated that there was loud live music playing next door. Deputies responded and asked resident to turn his music down.