West Marin Sheriff’s Report



Monday March 2

Bolinas 3:20 p.m. Landlord reported that a woman who had been given a notice to quit their property was back at the house. Deputies confirmed that judge had given tenant till 3/20 to make her move.

Point Reyes Station 7:36 p.m. Woman called to update deputies on report she had filed the previous week regarding some fraudulent charges.

Forest Knolls 9:17 p.m. Dad had knee surgery in December and had asked his adult son to move in to help with day-to-day activities. Dad states that he tried to leave the house to go to an AA meeting and his son refused to let him go. Dad given information on how to evict son from his home.

Bolinas 11:54 p.m. Woman called to complain about a neighbor running her washing machine at night.


Tuesday March 3

Stinson Beach 7:07 a.m. Two separate reports came in regarding a subject who was intoxicated and stumbling around the area.

Point Reyes Station 8:36 a.m. Reporting party stated that a man had come into their store and threatened their life. Subject states they believe man might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Subject given advice on how to obtain a restraining order.


Wednesday March 4


Thursday March 5

Bolinas 7:59 p.m. Reporting party stated that there was a couple sleeping in a camper near their home. They would like them moved along.

Bolinas 10:06 a.m. Reporting party stated that there were three people living in a camper and cooking something over a propane stove and they were concerned about a potential fire risk. Deputy encountered three people making coffee over a contained flame. Coffee drinkers had stopped to enjoy the scenery and were not camping in area.

Bolinas 4:37 p.m. Man called to report that his houseguest had been drinking heavily and he was concerned she may get physical with him. Man wanted a deputy to mediate the situation before it got out of hand.


Friday March 6

Marshall 2:34 p.m. Reporting party states that someone stole insurance paperwork from their home.

Point Reyes Station 3:25 p.m. Local proprietor reported that a man owes them $180 and is refusing to pay. Deputies stated they would call man and advise him to pay his bill.


Saturday March 7

Bolinas 11:01 a.m. A woman called to report that a group of men in their 20’s had been yelling inappropriate things at her. She went on to say that this has been an ongoing issue for the past 15-20 years. She reported that the group of men were in the laundromat with her but didn’t say anything to her directly but that she felt intimidated nonetheless.

Bolinas 11:36 a.m. Deputies reported that after investigating earlier report of unpaid bill, they confirmed that suspect had fraudulently used account of local company on five separate occasions and ran up a bill for $180. A report for petty theft was subsequently filed.

Inverness 1:21 p.m. A concerned reader stated that there were many cars parked illegally around the boat launch. They alleged that they had read in this very same publication that this was no longer going to be allowed.

Bolinas 3:56 p.m. Multiple reports came in regarding potential parking violations in town.

Bolinas 7:32 p.m. Man called to report that they were becoming increasingly concerned about their neighbors erratic behavior.

Nicasio 10:06 p.m. Man called to report that he had found a IPad on the side of the road and wanted to know what to do with it.


Sunday March 8

Bolinas 11:32 a.m. A man and woman were reportedly in a physical altercation. Deputies were unable to locate dueling couple.

Bolinas 3:18 p.m. Reporting party stated that an older, apparently mentally unstable, woman was throwing small rocks at passers by.