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CLAM Update regarding Coast Guard Housing Site



By: Kim Thompson, Executive Director, CLAM


Many in the West Marin community know that CLAM, the Community Land Trust Association of West Marin, has been investigating the possibility to acquire the Coast Guard housing site at the edge of Point Reyes Station. This site, now slated for auction in Spring of 2015 by the Coast Guard and General Services Administration, is a pre-existing neighborhood with 36 townhomes, open space, trails, picnic areas, and more. CLAM has pursued acquiring this site as an extraordinary opportunity to provide affordable homes and community assets that would strengthen our community now and for years to come.


The strength of the CLAM-led community group working on this and your support has been matched by the leadership of Supervisor Kinsey and Congressman Huffman, who are working politically on our behalf. Congressman Huffman will introduce legislation today that would take this site off the auction block and open up a direct negotiation between the US Coast Guard and the County of Marin for purchase. Should this occur, the County would then work with CLAM to put this site into the community’s hands for affordable homes. If the legislation is not successful, Supervisor Kinsey and CLAM will pursue other avenues for acquisition of this site.


On November 25th, the County Board of Supervisors will consider passing a resolution that supports the upcoming legislation. It is an opportunity for the BOS to affirm the effort, and recognize the need for affordability in West Marin. We invite you to join us at this meeting.


To date, CLAM has solicited and received letters of support for this effort from local organizations that support the concept of this site being put in the community’s hands for affordable homes. Many realize it is increasingly difficult to find affordable places to rent or own, a reality which threatens the viability of this community.


We also want to hear from you. We recognize that this is an effort that is possible only with community input and support; we also recognize that we are at the very beginning of something that will take multiple years, and with no guarantees.


Thank you for your consideration. The sustainability of West Marin’s rural coastal communities is at a crossroads, amidst forces both within and beyond our control. We believe this Coast Guard housing site presents an extraordinary opportunity for us to work together to ensure that a pre-existing neighborhood, home to many families for over 40 years, can now be utilized as an anchor for this community’s sustainability.


Ode to the Chowder Goddess

Ode to the Chowder Goddess and Her Husband; from CLAM

Extraordinary, Tasty, Juicy, Skilled, Luscious, Delicious ….


You have BLOWN US AWAY with your OVER THE TOP generosity that led to CLAM’s Annual Meeting being a success.

From what planet did you come?

What far part of our lovely cosmos created you, nurtured you —cooked you up and poured you from its generous ladle

into our little pot

so that you could


with your cooking???


Your chowder was overwhelming with deliciousness.

You Hestia of Heart-Full Creations!

You Master Wizard! You Queen of Cooks! You Orchestrator of All Good Things!!!


O You Whose Divinity is Discerned in Each Tasty Bite!


You Walk on Water! You Bathe in Wine! You Release the Sun each time you take the lid off your steaming pots!


Thank you so, so much Mary Olsen!!

And a thousand thanks to JIM!! TO JIM!!!


You Dionysus of Delectable Wine!

Your wine oozed us,smoothed us

-and with warm, full bellies and energy –

we had a terrific conversation!

You Giver of Great Spirits!


Mary and Jim!

Your twin hearts laid down like a butterfly’s wings

We sit mesmerized at the flower’s edge

And watch your coupled beauty

As you take flight and give, yet again – to West Marin!!!


In perpetual gratitude,


Kim Thompson

Director, CLAM