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What was the GGNRA thinking?



In Stinson Beach, Eskoot Creek currently flows northerly through the Golden Gate National Recreational Area’s (GGNRA) Park. Historically, Eskoot Creek flowed westerly, across what is now park- land, directly to the ocean. During a storm in February 2014, the creek flooded the park’s north parking lot and caused erosion damage at the northwest corner. The GGNRA’s repair configuration consisted of constructing two berms to prevent flow from exiting the park. The storm of December 11 again demonstrated that the creek will seek the shortest outlet to the ocean. The creek flooded the north parking lot and because of the new berms, the water had no place to go except to flood and damage the park’s northerly neighbors on Calle Del Pinos. Subsequently, the GGNRA breached one of the berms and the flood waters receded.


Marin County is advocating a special election in March, 2015, to create a district for constructing flood prevention improvements along Eskoot Creek. The financial impact will be an annual assess- ment of $250 per parcel for 20 years. There are a number of options that are proposed including dredging Eskoot Creek and bypassing storm flows through the GGNRA north parking lot. Although improvements are needed, the latter is the only viable option as it will prevent flooding on the down- stream properties, negate the cost of annual maintenance to Eskoot Creek, and will eliminate a primary source of siltation to the Bolinas Lagoon.


Marius Nelsen.

Stinson Beach, CA