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Point Reyes Station history tours return

The popular historical walking tours of Point Reyes Station will return Saturday, July 26. The one-hour tours, which take participants down Main Street and some back streets, are led by students from West Marin School and adult volunteers under the guidance of local historian Dewey Livingston. Local geography, prehistory and the development of the town by ranchers and railroaders are some of the many interesting topics and stories covered.

The walking tours format was created last summer through a West Marin Fund grant to Community Land Trust of West Marin (CLAM) and the Tomales Bay Youth Center, and is sponsored this season by the West Marin Chamber of Commerce, the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History, and again the WM Youth Center. The tours were created to promote youth leadership development and community building. The weekend program, which will run through the end of the Farmers Market season, gives both locals and visitors the opportunity to learn about the towns from both historical and current perspectives.

The tours start at the West Marin Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center Kiosk next to the Grandi Building, and are offered Saturdays at 10 am. Participants are limited to 10 people on a first-come, first-served basis. A $10 donation is requested. Quiet children under 16 are free, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Tickets will be on sale near the Post Office at the Farmers Market from 9 am.

For more information email ramon@pointreyes.org or by contact Dona Larkin, West Marin Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center Chair, 663-9149

West Marin Sheriff’s Logs Week of June 30


Monday June 30

Forest Knolls 7:49 am Resident detoxing from alcohol is having a difficult time. Reportedly she is yelling and throwing various small items around her residence.


Point Reyes Station 8:23 am Woman reported that someone had burned her truck seats and otherwise accessed her vehicle. This is an ongoing problem. Deputies reported that woman’s truck was fine, and that there was no evidence of vandalism.


Bolinas 11:35 am Neighbor reported that his neighbor has birds that make a lot of noise.


Inverness Park 11:40 am A man claims that someone came into his residence and used his electric shaver between 5-6 pm on Saturday evening. Man also states that there was toothpaste scattered around the house.


Point Reyes Station 1:34 pm. Man wanted to speak to a deputy regarding heroin sales in Marin. No further information given.


Forest Knolls 3:01 pm. Woman was reported missing from her house. Woman found and subsequently arrested for drinking in public.


Point Reyes Station 4:34 pm. A physical fight broke out between two older males because one of them was riding his bike on the sidewalk.


Inverness 6:42 pm. Neighbor called to report that loud music was coming from the church and that all of the neighbors were upset.


Tuesday July 1

Point Reyes Station 11:00 am Two men staying in a vacation rental to attend a wedding broke into rental cottage to steal alcohol.

Owner confronted men.


Inverness 12:26 pm. Woman reported that man living at the church is harassing her.


Olema 3:15 pm. Woman bus rider refused to exit at the bus stop, and ordered the bus driver to drop her off at the inn where she was staying so she could easily remove her bags. Bus driver did not comply, and woman got off the bus before deputies arrived.


Forest Knolls 5:41 pm. Woman who had been detoxing at her house now needs to be transported to the crisis unit. She is ‘flipping out’ and earlier assaulted an employee on another floor.


Wednesday July 2

Inverness 10:17 am A man reports that someone is perpetrating a Craig’s List internet scam.


Forest Knolls 11:35 am A woman who received plastic surgery and is unhappy with the results has been sending threatening emails to her plastic surgeon. Deputies checked in with woman.


Point Reyes Station 1:36 pm. A woman lying in the street in front of the post office smoking a cigarette is asking passersby to call 911.


Inverness 4:49 pm. Neighbor checked in on his neighbor and found her eating rotten fruit with the stove burners on. Deputies checked in with her and found everything OK.


Thursday July 3

Inverness 5:25 am Woman called to report that conspirators who have been talking to her since November have woken her up again. She stated she would be decent when deputy came by her house.


Tomales 9:22 pm. Wife called to have her husband escorted from her house.


Bolinas 11:24 pm. Dark brown cow found in roadway.


Stinson Beach 11:24 am Person reportedly bitten by a pit bull. Victim escorted to Marin General Hospital.


Friday July 4

Stinson Beach 2:06 am A Hispanic male adult was reported in woman’s bedroom. No property loss reported.


Bolinas 10:45 pm. Party reported having suffered a laceration from fireworks.


Saturday July 5

Inverness 9:02 am Dispatcher thought a woman had called and stated, “Yes, yes, I need help.” Man later called and stated that he had problems with his phone.


Bolinas 12:02 pm. Surfer boarding surfer suffered a head injury.