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West Marin Sheriff’s Logs


Monday January 12

Marshall 4:40 pm Party called dispatcher to get a report number for a boat accident that occurred last week.


Tuesday January 13

Marshall 11:53 am A school bus driver found 6 rounds of .22 caliber rifle bullets on the floor of his bus. He had just dropped off 38 kids at a central location with 200 already waiting kids. Juvenile was located and sent home for the day.


Wednesday January 14

Dillon Beach 10:39 am Man called deputies because his next door neighbor had workers completing masonry work and was concerned about debris and dust getting into his house.

Woodacre 12:49 pm Woman seeking advice about a restraining order that the father of her son has filed against her.

Woodacre 2:21 pm Reporting party stated that the stove in the living room was causing the upstairs to fill with smoke.

Point Reyes Station 4:27 pm Bus driver found a wallet on his bus and turned it in to the sheriff’s office.

Point Reyes Station 4:45 pm Storeowner reported that a white male in his 60’s with quality taste had just stolen a bottle of wine. Total loss estimated at $35.

Bolinas 10:50 pm Deputies warned the owner of a barking dog about ongoing complaints regarding the vocal canine.


Thursday January 15

Tomales 1:44 pm A woman called deputies to report that there was a real estate agent on her property who wouldn’t leave. Real estate agent called deputies at the same time to tell to other side of the story.

Bolinas 3:24 pm Home owner reported that a boarded up window in their house was broken through and alcohol stolen. Window had been broken during previous similar incident two weeks ago. Approximately $150 worth of alcohol stolen.

Point Reyes Station 4:02 pm Storeowner reported that the same man who had stolen a bottle of wine yesterday was back in the store. Caller advised to call dispatch back if man leaves.

Point Reyes Station 4:23 pm A registered nurse called deputies to report that a client had made statements alluding to suicide. Woman apparently was not happy with a medication she was taking that could not being refilled until tomorrow.


Friday January 16

Point Reyes Station 8:24 am Man called deputies to report that his ex was at his house to pick up their daughter in violation of their custody order. Deputy checked in on custody order and verified it was a temporary order without mention of specific drop off and pick up times. Parents advised to agree on visitation schedule and confirm through their respective attorneys.

Stinson Beach 10:56 am Man called deputies to report that he thought that there were Canadians illegally camping in the area.

Tomales 12:11 pm Woman called deputies after receiving a notice from a collection agency for an account she was unaware of. Woman checked her credit report and found four fraudulent credit cards and five AT&T accounts opened in her name. Report given to woman to address identity theft issues.

Nicasio 1:35 pm Man called to ask about regulations around shooting off firearms on his property.

Nicasio 2:30 pm In an unrelated incident, a man called to report shots fired in the vicinity of his home.

Bolinas 2:50 pm A man called to report that a man he knows had asked him for money at Smiley’s and became angry when man refused. Deputies checked into the incident and confirmed that ‘angry’ man was only joking around.

Inverness Park 3:47 pm A dad called to report that he was having a problem with his grown daughter. Deputies reported to the scene and reported, that “situation mediated between wonderful daughter and great old man.” Clearly, no love lost between any of the parties involved.

Woodacre 6:14 pm Deputies received word regarding the traffic death of a local resident and had the woeful task of contacting the deceased woman’s mother to inform her of the tragic event.

Lagunitas 7:49 pm Reporting party called deputies to report that the driver of a large truck was throwing rocks at their vehicle.

Point Reyes Station 8:53 pm Woman called deputies to report that her ex-husband had stolen $2000 from her home. She then found him down by the creek, where he reportedly was high on prescription pain medicine.

Saturday January 17

Nicasio 12:46 pm Reporting party stated that someone drove through a fence and onto a field, damaging the property. Off roader allegedly took down some signs during his trek and left behind a broken taillight.

Inverness Park 2:47 pm Woman called deputies to report that either an animal or a person had carved something into her deck. Carving looks to spell out “Lopez”. No word on which local critter might have the penmanship abilities, or the opposable thumbs, to pull off random act of vandalism.

Stinson Beach 10:44 pm Reporting party’s brother is drunk and lying on the roof of a restaurant. Reporting party states that yesterday brother had alluded to being suicidal. Brother arrested for being drunk in public.


Sunday January 18

Dillon Beach 8:34 am Reporting party called to report that ten campers had been yelling threats at other campers when they were asked to quiet down. Party of ten were up until 4:00 am partying and it seemed like they were ready to get start again. Subjects asked to leave.

Inverness Park 4:45 pm Reporting party stated that they found a cell phone in the road and are waiting for its owner to call. They stated that if they didn’t hear from them soon they would drop it off at deputy station.




West Marin Sheriff’s Logs



Monday January 5

Bolinas 3:04 am A silver truck was reported stuck in a drain culvert. Truck removed without incident.

Bolinas 8:54 am Landlord believes his tenant has abandoned his rental property after not paying rent for several months, and not being seen by anyone for over a week.

Woodacre 9:00 am Residents report coper pipe stolen from exterior of house.

Point Reyes Station 12:25 pm Man reports that someone has broken into his bike storage container. Bikes were strewn around the property but none were reported stolen.

Nicasio 3:30 pm Subject was placed on a psychiatric hold for being a danger to themselves and/or others.

Bolinas 10:55 pm Reporting party stated that a neighbor, who is allegedly unstable, was ignoring their dog, who had been barking for the past 30 minutes. Deputies found the dog outside of owners house and owner asleep.


Tuesday January 6

Point Reyes Station 8:44 am Report filed for stolen laptop.

Inverness 10:17 am Homeowner hired people found on Craigslist to do work on their home. Homeowner is now reporting a stolen comforter, antique kitchenware and some tools.

Forest Knolls 10:35 am Woman reported that she and her husband of several years were separating amicably. They still reside in the same residence in separate bedrooms. Her soon to be ex is sending her text messages threatening to abscond to Germany with the children.

Forest Knolls 11:20 am Caller is owner of local produce stand who reported having received a threatening letter. Letter did not explicitly threaten, but mostly complained about the high prices.

Tomales 1:11 pm Woman came home to find a strange message on her answering machine. When she called the number back a person stated they were from the IRS and started asking her personal and obscene questions. Woman does not believe the person actually works for the federal government.

Stinson Beach 4:53 pm Reporting party reports that elderly father has been threatening with a knife. Dad is calm now and caller was given information regarding local care facilities.

Forest Knolls 10:16 pm Reporting party states they have heard yelling coming from possible squatters. Caller also reports that squatters may have a campfire.


Wednesday January 7

Point Reyes Station 10:40 am Reporting party wanted to talk to a deputy about bringing in some ammunition, presumably for disposal.

Lagunitas 11:49 am Woman called to ask about guidelines for psychiatric holds. She is concerned for her friend who has both mental health and alcohol issues.

Bolinas 11:05 pm Reporting party called about neighbor’s barking dog. Deputies found dog locked outside and asked owner to bring it inside.


Thursday January 8

Point Reyes Station 1:49 pm Man reported that he had lost his wallet in the hardware store three days ago. Deputies contacted hardware store. No one had turned in a wallet..


Friday January 9

Point Reyes Station 12:22 pm Dad called deputies to report concern for his son whom he last saw yesterday. Daughter confirmed she had skyped with her brother that morning but dad still wanted deputies to keep their eyes open for him.

Bolinas 1:56 pm Woman called deputies to report she has been trying to serve her ex-husband papers for several months without success. She is very frustrated and wanted to have his cell phone pinged. Deputies explained this is not a service they are able to provide.

Woodacre 8:37 pm Mom called to report she has some concerns after speaking with her ten year old son who was spending nights at his doctor’s house. Deputies investigated and reported that everything was fine.

Saturday January 10

Dillon Beach 1:43 am Caller reported a group of people releasing around 20 lanterns into the sky. Caller believes this could be a fire hazard.

Bolinas 2:30 pm Subject arrested and booked on an outstanding warrant.

Point Reyes Station 3:40 pm Reporting party concerned for a medically fragile friend who they hadn’t seen for over a week. Person was safe and stated that they just hadn’t wanted to talk the person who reported that they might be in trouble.

Point Reyes Station 8:17 pm Woman was having argument and was now having trouble breathing.


Sunday January 11

Woodacre 5:56 am Caller reported Christmas trees on fire in a nearby lot.

Woodacre 11:27 am A car was reportedly on fire after oil dripped on engine. Driver asked passerby to call 911 but fire extinguished itself in a few minutes.

Forest Knolls 11:11 pm A case was opened regarding a recently discovered corpse. Body transported to the coroner.


West Marin Sheriff’s Calls


Wednesday December 23

Marshall 10:11 a.m. Reporting party stated that they had received a message on their answering machine from someone claiming that they worked for the IRS and that they owed the IRS money. Reporting party was given the number for the Inspector General.

Bolinas 10:21 a.m. Neighbor called deputies and reported that their downstairs neighbor had been yelling at his child all night. Furthermore, they believed the child was being physically abused. Deputies spoke with child and dad and decided that there was no abuse occurring.

Woodacre 4:39 p.m. Mom called deputies after her son was contacted for mental health issues the night before but hadn’t been admitted for an evaluation. Son was contacted by deputies who stated he was fine. Mom is concerned due to there being a number of fire arms at the family house.

Forest Knolls 6:49 p.m. Man reported his IPhone was stolen from his unlocked car. When victim came back to his vehicle he smelled cigarette smoke lingering in the air. Deputies do not have a suspect.

Thursday December 24

Stinson Beach 12:22 a.m. Reporting party stated that their neighbor had driven their car into their water main.

Woodacre 8:11 a.m. A man fell unconscious and subsequently passed away. Death was expected and coroner filled out appropriate paperwork.

Point Reyes Station 2:17 p.m. A subject was arrested and booked on a no bail warrant.

Forest Knolls 6:51 p.m. Dad called to report that he believed the mother of his child was meeting with their son in violation of an established restraining order.

Forest Knolls 7:42 p.m. Mom called to report that she believed her autistic son was in danger. Line went dead as call was dropped. Investigating deputies ascertained that son was fine, mom has a history of mental illness and also a restraining order in place to keep her away from her son.

Friday December 25

Forest Knolls 10:47 a.m. Mom and dad have been separated for six years. Dad came to mom’s house on Christmas morning and suffers from mental illness. Dad paced back and forth in front of house until he found out deputies were on their way.

Lagunitas 8:58 p.m. Residents reported two explosions in quick succession. Deputies believe the sounds heard were most likely M-80’s.

Inverness 9:31 p.m. Woman reported that there was possibly a man in her front windows holding a flashlight.

Saturday December 26

Olema 11:36 a.m. Deputy observed a driver crossing over the solid white line for 40 feet and also going through a stop sign at 5 mph. Driver reportedly stated, “Oh okay, just give me the ticket.”

Marshall 12:13 p.m. Woman reported $300 in total charges on her credit card that she believed were made in fraud. Woman’s bank absorbed the fraudulent charges and woman asked for a police report confirming she believed funds were stolen.

Point Reyes Station 11:55 p.m. Reporting party stated that they heard two individuals fighting. Couple seemed to be under the influence. They told deputies they were done fighting for the night but didn’t want to drive home at this time because their brake lights were broken.

Sunday December 27

Point Reyes Station 7:48 p.m. A report came in of a person drunk in public.

Dillon Beach 7:49 p.m. Residents reported hearing what they believed to be three gunshots in the distance.


West Marin Sheriff’s Calls


December 17-22

Wednesday December 17

San Geronimo Valley 6:01 am Small rocks partially blocking SFD

San Geronimo Valley 11:22 am Driver stopped for false tabs, suspended license, no insurance and expired registration. Vehicle towed.

Nicasio 9:20 pm Subject has been kicked off property multiple times but returns. Is sitting in car and will not leave. Subject arrested and booked.

Nicasio 10:56 pm Transformer is on fire dropping sparks onto roadway. Transformer isolated, roadway open.

Point Reyes Station 12:52 pm Driver lost, other car stopped for U turn from right shoulder. 1/8 ounce of marijuana in center console with lighter and two pipes, marijuana card present.

Point Reyes Station 3:43 pm One black cow on side of road, several others were about to follow. A deputy corralled the cow with some help and the bovine is back to pasture which is part of the Genazzi Ranch. There is still a break in the fence which owner promised to fix.

Woodacre 6:18 pm Civil dispute. Reporting party believes owner of house made entry and took two checks written out a year ago. This is an on-going issue Deputy will attempt to contact land owner by email.

Thursday December 18

Nicasio 2:34 pm Tree down at blind turn with a line coming down that is 10 feet from touching ground. Top of the pole is sparking. Roadway cleared, lines are hanging well above it.

Nicasio 8:51 am CPA completed at Nicasio School. School staff advised that school would be dismissed at noon the following day for winter break. Advised parent about emergency communication.

Lagunitas School Road 9:17 am CPA completed at Lagunitas School. School to be dismissed at noon the next day. Deputy walked the campus and spoke with the school principal.

Lucas Valley 10:02 am CPA completed. Walked school campus, spoke with school staff.

Forest Knolls 2:00 pm Fraud reported. Someone accessed reporting party’s bank account. Reported loss $200-300.

Forest Knolls 4:07 pm Caller reports squatters on the property who had a propane tank and food delivered earlier. Squatters contacted and were cooperative. They have a court order allowing them to stay until 1-9-15, and are attempting to find new housing in Fairfax.

Point Reyes Station 5:35 pm Reporting party lost wallet at unknown location, possibly near Bovine Bakery. Bakery does not have it.


Friday December 19

Stinson Beach 10:55 am. Alarm went off on entry door. All secure, property manager says.

Stinson Beach 12:15 pm Landslide about 10 feet deep. on Bourne Fire Road covering both sides of road

Woodacre 2:14 pm Caller is staying at friend’s mothers house and believes someone was in the house while caller was at the market. Caller does not feel safe. Items have been moved. No forced entry noted, pillows and stuffed animals moved and baggie with meth scrapings and straw inside. Subject has PTSD and military background, works with explosives. It may be the brother who entered but caller is going to move out.


Saturday December 20

Point Reyes Station 1:28 pm Vehicle abatement. Honda with smashed front parked for 4 days, unknown owner. Sticker placed on front drivers side window. Vehicle has major damage.

Inverness Park 5:22 am Subject parked on private road. Vehicle is now unoccupied but caller heard voices heard earlier.

Nicasio 9:29 am Former employee who was arrested the previous night for trespassing is back close to property and is on foot in Lucas Valley towards Big Rock. Subject was cuffed and double locked, transported to Cheda’s where his car had been towed.

Bolinas 12:00 pm Deer hit by car near hardware store on Olema-Bolinas Road and is still alive, trying to get up but keeps falling down. Humane Society notified.


Sunday December 21

Inverness Park 8:29 am Reporting party heard someone attempt to open her front door, saw a motion activated light on in carport. Heard loud noises. Deputy found no forced entry, unknown cause of noise.

Woodacre 8:40 am Female acting strangely, says she needs food, appears to be out of it and acting very odd. Fireman was able to talk her into going to hospital to verify that there are no medical problems.

Point Reyes Station 9:02 am Motorcycle rider down, injured and unable to get up, is. Ambulance and tow truck on scene.

Stinson Beach 5:34 pm Male subject flagged reporting party in vehicle, stating he was lost and has lost his bike. Is now waiting for next bus and refuses to talk to deputy.

Nicasio 8:30 pm Drunk male on reporting party’s property. Subject booked.

Forest Knolls 10:19 pm Caller reporting her brother has marijuana in the house. Subject released to KTL staff.


Monday December 22

Dogtown 10:54 am Two large potholes in the north bound lanes, two more on north bound between Olema and Point Reyes.

Bolinas 1:33 pm Reporting party is at the Firehouse wanting to speak with a deputy regarding service of restraining order for a homeless person. Area checked for subject to attempt service.

Nicasio 2:01 pm White van weaving and crossing double yellow lines.

Stinson Beach 2:24 pm Reporting party says he received a call from someone saying he was from the IRS, threatening and trying to get the caller to pay money. Call is recorded.

Chileno Valley 3:20 pm Reporting party was bike riding and found a purple daypack in a culvert. It appears to be dry and recently dumped and may belong to a Santa Rosa Junior College student.

Point Reyes Station 4:02 pm Reporting party received threatening message on answering machine. Unkown male said it was urgent she call him back or there would be “consequences”. Advice given.









West Marin Sheriff’s Logs


Monday November 17

Stinson Beach 12:09 p.m. Victim stated that brother attacked and possibly broke his finger after drinking alcohol for a long period of time.. Victim was out of town when reporting crime and stated he would be getting a restraining order upon his return.

Tomales 11:20 p.m. A welfare check was requested for an elderly resident who hadn’t been seen for a while.

Tuesday November 18

Point Reyes Station 1:28 a.m. Woman reported that she had just broke up with her boyfriend and is now living in fear of man’s AA sponsor. Man reportedly was at her house earlier and owns a lot of guns.

Bolinas 12:34 p.m. A company rented an electric sign to notify traffic of upcoming construction. Keyboard that comes with equipment is broken and sign now says, “Beaches closed, Zombies ahead.” Sign has been removed.

Nicasio 12:48 p.m. Man is using his broom to clean the street and his neighbor is telling him that he is not allowed to.

Tomales 7:15 p.m. Woman’s daughter is in a school program in Tel Aviv, Israel. Woman had heard about bombings in the area and now can’t reach her daughter. Mom wanted the sheriff’s department to make some calls to the Israeli Embassy and find out what is happening. Irate mother was referred to the State Department as this was beyond the scope of what local deputies typically address.

Wednesday November 19

Tomales 8:01 a.m. A person was arrested on charges of violating a restraining order, contempt of court and driving with a suspended license.

Tomales 12:14 p.m. Deputies tried to contact the victim of a crime to let them know that suspect was being released from jail but victim’s phone would not receive calls from blocked numbers. Deputies attempted to contact victim from unblocked number with no success.

Forest Knolls 1:56 p.m. Woman called to report that her roommate had borrowed her purse without permission and now is in San Francisco. Woman reports that roommate often borrows things without asking and would like advice on finding other housing.

Point Reyes Station 1:58 p.m. Man called to state that a tree trimming service received permission from his neighbor to cut down a tree on his property. Later, he admitted that PG&E had orders to cut back the tree for safety concerns but that he felt that tree trimming company went too far, and may have done so after seeking permission from his neighbor.

Woodacre 3:20 p.m. An attorney who had been recently hired in a divorce case could not reach the woman they were representing. They feared for her safety and wanted deputies to investigate. Woman contacted and stated she was fine but had a new cell number and hadn’t updated all her contacts.

Point Reyes Station 8:20 p.m. There was a domestic dispute reported and wife left home with child for the night to cool off.

Thursday November 20

Nicasio 11:30 a.m. Employees at Sky Walker ranch asked for extra patrol in their area after terminating an employee who they felt might act out violently.

Forest Knolls 1:58 p.m. Reporting party stated that someone had fraudulently used their debit card in Cupertino.

Lagunitas 9:52 p.m. Man charged with violating a restraining order after sending an email from Washington State to his ex.

Bolinas 11:14 p.m. Person was arrested and booked on charges of trespassing.

Friday November 21

Bolinas 8:40 a.m. Wife called deputies to report that she and her husband are having ‘domestic issues’. She states that it has only been verbal and that he has taken away her phone. Husband was dropping off son at school and also on another line when deputies tried to contact him. Wife stated that she would call deputies back when he got home so they could talk directly with him.

Inverness Park 9:17 a.m. Woman reported that she had received a call from a man stating that she had won $500,000 and that he needed I.D. and registration so he could send an UPS driver over with her big check. Deputies investigated woman’s claim and found that man was perpetrating a scam.

Woodacre 10:17 p.m. Around 12 vehicles drove to end of road and a large crowd of juveniles seemed to be gathering for a party. Party dispersed prior to arrival of deputy.

Saturday November 22

Woodacre 11:24 a.m. A woman called and stated that her tablet had alerted her to the fact that her computer had been hacked and also warned her that the hackers were on their way to her house. Tablet told its owner that they were on Carson and coming her way. Deputy who investigated found no sign of any hackers or evidence of hacking. She was advised that if she continues to have issue with Comcast, she should consider changing providers.

Point Reyes Station 2:16 p.m. A driver was cited for squeezing by a man walking slowly on crutches through a cross walk.

Forest Knolls 2:59 p.m. A woman was cited for drinking a 40 oz. of Coors in the park.

Forest Knolls 6:32 p.m. An older woman called deputies and stated that she believed she should go to Helen Vine Detox Center. Woman stated that she believed that she had one glass of wine today and agreed that she wouldn’t try to drive herself to Helen Vine.

Lagunitas 11:12 p.m. A woman called to report that she believed that there was a party going on next door with no adults and involving alcohol. Deputies found a gathering of adults who agreed to keep it down.

Sunday November 23

Point Reyes Station 2:22 a.m. Woman called to state that she believed, for a number of reasons, that a female acquaintance would be coming by her house shortly to vandalize her vehicle.

Dillon Beach 12:56 p.m.

Man reported that someone had broken into his house sometime over the past two weeks and had turned his hot tub on and broke the valve off that controls the water.

Tomales 9:10 p.m. Three black cows reported in the roadway.


West Marin Sheriff’s Logs


Monday October 13

Stinson Beach 5:17 am Woman walking her dog was concerned about an elderly man who is homeless. Woman came across a walker and some trash and believed it belonged to allegedly homeless man whom she believed may be in jeopardy. Man was located and stated that he is fine.

Point Reyes Station 7:45 am Reporting party stated that partner was having a mental breakdown and threatening to break down the door.

Forest Knolls 3:27 pm Caller has been receiving disturbing texts from a man- someone known to reporting party. Report taken.

Forest Knolls 10:08 pm Woman reported that her ex-boyfriend was breaking their restraining order by continuing to send her harassing texts. Ex was advised to stop texting and woman was educated on how to block a number on her IPhone.


Tuesday October 14

Dillon Beach 3:43 am Man reported that propane fueled refrigerator was on fire. Man left his trailer after fire went out because he feared the fire might be in the walls.

Woodacre 11:21 pm Woman reported that her neighbor was blowing leaves with his leaf blower onto her property. Man reports this is not the first time he has this conversation with his neighbor and agreed he would no longer displace his leaves on her property.

Wednesday October 15

Nicasio 7:39 pm Dispatcher received a call from someone yelling “Oh my God!” in the background. Male subject got on the line and stated everything was okay and then hung up.

Point Reyes Station 7:43 pm Brother called deputies to request they check in on his sister whose phone has been busy all day. Sister contacted and advised to call her brother.


Thursday October 16

Inverness Park 9:03 am Man contacted deputies to report that he lost his drivers license somewhere in his home. Man advised about how to replace his I.D. at local DMV.

Stinson Beach 2:53 pm The fire department passed on second hand information regarding a man walking around saying that he wants to kill police officers.

Stinson Beach 3:21 pm A woman reported that she saw a woman standing in front of a store looking sad. Woman was wearing loose baggy men’s clothing and was accompanied by a man.

Marshall 5:36 pm Neighbors contacted caller to report that they believe someone is setting up a campsite near the Post Office. Deputies investigated and did not find anybody camping in the area.

Point Reyes Station 8:18 pm Man reported that someone next door was having a loud drunken party. Man asked by dispatcher if he believed this could have something to do with the Giants game on T.V. Man said he heard someone yell, “Kill me!” Deputies found everything quiet at the party house and were unable to reach the responding person to follow up.

Bolinas 8:44 pm Woman called to report that she heard a man and woman screaming at each other somewhere in the vicinity of the tennis courts. Deputies at the scene were unable to locate argumentative couple.

Bolinas 9:18 pm Man arrested and booked for outstanding warrant.

Bolinas 10:01 pm Man called to report that his girlfriend is trying to evict him. Girlfriend got on phone to say that he had hit her. Man and woman had been drinking and man agreed to leave for the night.


Friday October 17

Woodacre 5:02 am Reporting party stated that there is a jeep covered with a tan tarp that has been parked in the area for a month. Deputies searched the area and could not find a jeep nor any other vehicle covered with a tarp.

Point Reyes Station 8:19 am Reporting party stated that they had been involved in a road rage incident. Subject allegedly had a gun but when confronted by deputies was found in possession of a knife.

Bolinas 9:48 am Reporting party stated his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend were at their house this morning being aggressive. Party would like some advice.

Bolinas 10:01 am Clinic called to report that a patient, who in the past has been belligerent and is scheduled to come in today, is being told he can no longer get his pain medication from them. Clinic is concerned that man may react badly.


Saturday October 18

Bolinas 4:00 am Man at local hospital reported to staff that he had been assaulted outside a local bar. When contacted he said that it was more of an accidental assault and would not cooperate with questioning as he did not believe any crime had occurred.

Point Reyes Station 10:52 am Reporting party was driving and came upon a group of bicyclist’s driving three abreast and blocking the roadway. When asked to move, driver received the finger.

Forest Knolls 8:28 pm Man stated that his Apple lap top computer had been stolen from under his bed. Burglar allegedly entered through unlocked back door.


Sunday October 19

Lagunitas 4:33 pm Woman reported that her babysitter is stalking her. She also alleges that she beats her child and has been videotaping her.

Forest Knolls 11:51 pm Reporting party stated that there was loud live music playing next door. Deputies responded and asked resident to turn his music down.

West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

West Marin Sheriff’s Report

Monday September 16

Forest Knolls 6:16 am Caller would like to speak to deputy about a suspicious person who has been in the area lately. Person is not is there now.


Olema 8:34 am Caller was leaving work and exited the gate heading west when tires began to go flat. When caller changed the tire he noticed 15 screws in the right front tire and believes it was done deliberately.


Stinson Beach 9:06 am Civil dispute between residents and neighbors. Contractor is on scene about to tear down fence. Reporting party is resident’s attorney. Advised construction manager about legal complaint.


Lagunitas 6:07pm Blue Ford has 4 flat tires, and so does the vehicle of the landlord of the reporting party. Caller believes an old friend vandalized vehicles.


Bolinas 9:08 pm Caller saw someone walking in the center garden of her home. She searched the home and found no one. Property checked out, report taken.


Bolinas 10:09 pm Caller described man walking down the street yelling “Stop following me.” Caller says subject did this the other day. Calling activity abated prior to arrival of deputy, area checked out and all appears in order downtown and at Smileys.


Tuesday September 17

Bolinas 2:11 pm. Reporting party is calling again about his uncle who refused earlier transport. Uncle is 78 years old and the main complaint was that he was down for three days. Breathing is fine, no chest pains and he has calmed down.

Olema 4:03 pm. 14-yr old girl with school group on Bear Valley trail hit her head and is light-headed. Laceration to head that is very deep and bleeding. PRNS is responding.


Forest Knolls 6:07 pm 17-yr old son is at a “drug house’ without permission. Reporting party is standing outside waiting for a deputy. Son was visiting a friend that mother doesn’t like.


Forest Knolls 8:45 pm Caller says the house next door is supposed to be vacant but saw a light moving around the yard and thinks the light was shining into the vacant residence. Deputy saw no flashlights or anyone in the area of the house, lights were off and no one appeared to be inside.


Wednesday September 18

Inverness 5:56 pm Smoke coming from windows of two-story brown house and fire alarm sounding.


Thursday September 19

Bolinas 1:35 am Person swinging a sword. This in an ongoing issue and is affecting downtown visitors and businesses. Reporting party advised to seek restraining order if business is affected.


Lagunitas 12:41 pm Caller says County worker was talking on his cell phone in the middle of the road and would not let cars go by. Caller would like to file a complaint. Advice given.


San Geronimo 11:14 am Caller has had his life threatened and is on his way to subject’s house. Was advised not to go there and instead to wait for call from deputy. Parties have had a verbal altercation but there has been no crime committed at this time.


Bolinas 4:51 pm Subject with four other “shaggy” looking people is downtown drinking from an open container and wearing a large velvet purple hat with tassels, Subject unpopular with locals. No crime has been committed.


Stinson Beach 10:03 pm Fireworks on beach.


Woodacre 11:01 pm Caller not sure what he heard, but no one else heard it. All people in surrounding apartments were fine.


Friday September 20

Point Reyes Station 11:06 am The Razorback Hawk sign was taken away by unknown person (s) sometime during the night.


Forest Knolls 12:01 pm Woman called to report that man had taken her cell phone and was refusing to give it back. She called deputies from neighbor’s house and man was subsequently arrested on charges of domestic violence.


Forest Knolls 12:40 pm Reporting party states that a neighbor has been making lots of noise while working on cars. Another neighbor confronted car tinkerer about noise and they have been arguing for past 30 minutes.


Stinson Beach 5:59 pm Woman called deputies to report that people came into a residence stating they were staying at that address. Woman called homeowner and who said that no one was allowed in their home. Woman confirmed with deputies she had the correct address and then quickly hung up on the dispatcher.


Stinson Beach 6:59 pm Homeowner, who is currently in New York, reported that she had received notice from her security detail that people were staying at her house without her permission. She demanded that deputies conduct a walk through to ensure that no one was on her property.

Tomales Bay 10:02 pm Man reported a lot of loud noise, possibly a fight, in front of a local bar. Man is very upset about the noise and would like it addressed.


Saturday September 21

Tomales 7:14 am A man was found in a pasture, apparently very confused but cooperative. Man does know how he got there and lives in Fort Bragg. Man was subsequently returned to his wife for safe keeping, via the Fairfax police department.


Stinson Beach 11:54 am A woman called deputies reporting a domestic altercation and quickly hung up. According to her parents, woman has severe PTSD from the war and will be taken to the VA hospital for follow up treatment.


Inverness 7:06 pm Woman had just taken a shower and come out of her bathroom wearing only a towel to find a man in his 50’s-60’s walking around outside her bedroom door. Man was reportedly heavy set with white/grey hair.


Sunday September 22

Point Reyes Station 9:43 am A man reported his wallet missing and was subsequently reunited with his property.


Stinson Beach 10:24 am Two men became engaged in a heated verbal argument after the dog belonging to one man urinated in public.


Bolinas 1:54 pm Reporting party stated that there were three broken windows in their rental property. Previous renter, who they report as very destructive, moved out and is living next door.


Forest Knolls 6:14 pm Reporting party states that a man is outside and threatening to burn the town down. Man allegedly is schizophrenic and subject would like him taken in for a mental health evaluation.





West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

Monday August 18

Woodacre 2:32 pm Reporting party states that someone is dumping dry brush off the top of a hill. They are concerned about a fire hazzard.

Tomales 7:19 pm Woman reports that employees of a local establishment are verbally harassing her. Woman works alone and is concerned over this continual harassment.

Inverness 7:48 pm Mom screaming in the background of phone call. Mom and dad at home when deputies arrived, but son had already left. Apparently son was the reason for 911 call.

Tuesday August 19
Inverness 8:34 am Reporting person stated that ex had broken a restraining order via email.

Point Reyes Station 9:53 am A woman who doesn’t live in Point Reyes Station reported that she is receiving harassing texts and emails from a man with a history of stalking.

Bolinas 11:44 am A man with a red cape, baseball cap and a large stick was reported standing in the street. Man was moved along and is now standing in the park.

Wednesday August 20
Point Reyes Station 10:14 am Reporting party stated that there is a man outside selling jewelry.

Inverness 2:10 pm Reporting person called on behalf of non-English speaking coworker whose car was broken into and cell phone and wallet stolen.

Thursday August 21
Tomales 12:16 am Man reported sneaking around porch. Deputies intercepted man who had been drinking at nearby pub. Girlfriend confirmed that there had been an argument and he had walked off into the night. Furthermore, she stated that he often looks for porches to sleep on after he having too much to drink.

Inverness 3:33 am Woman called to report a man trying to get inside her residence. Man is holding a flashlight. Deputies arrived and found nothing suspicious. Woman stated that she knew she was just seeing things but felt scared and wanted to call 911 for support.

Point Reyes Station 2:22 pm A 911 call was received and a woman was screaming, “Send Police!” Deputies encountered a family disturbance that was quickly abated.

Friday August 22
Stinson Beach 2:06 am A man was crying out in the wilderness. He stated that his leg was broken while walking around his campsite. Man was transported by the fire department to the hospital.

Tomales 3:08 pm An older couple driving a gold-bronze Ford Taurus appeared to be disorientated while driving through the countryside. The person assisting them was alarmed by their inability to discern north from south on a map.

Stinson Beach 10:21 pm Two brothers were in a physical altercation. When they became aware that the police had been called, one left in a rush. The other brother was not willing to press charges and was generally uncooperative with deputies on the scene.

Saturday August 23
Woodacre 10:28 am Reporting party states that there is a physical fight going on between a man and a woman at the guest house down the street. Both parties were interviewed and indicated it was a verbal dispute.

Point Reyes Station 8:04 pm Three men were suspected of setting up camp on caller’s front yard. Men were in two separate parties and indicated that they were just passing through.

Point Reyes Station 8:48 pm Reporting party called back stating that one of the men does not appear to be leaving, may be talking to himself and also setting up camp. Man was last seen walking north, leaving the area.

Dillon Beach 9:01 pm Caller reports that a woman is at the gate saying the she was in a verbal altercation with her husband. She and her husband have recently separated but share an 11 yr-old son. Son is with dad in his car, and dad has a gun.

Inverness 9:38 pm Husband is at home with his kids and wife is outside. Wife has been drinking and is trying to kick the door in. Man does not want his wife to come inside while she reportedly is in a very agitated and violent state.

Sunday August 24
Bolinas 3:05 am Reporting party states there are 13-14 intoxicated male and female young people walking towards the center of town. Deputies were unable to locate band of drinking teens.

Bolinas 10:04 am Woman found what she describes as a ‘hand launcher’ on the beach. Deputies were able to locate what turned out to be an empty flare canister.

Inverness 12:28 pm A report came in stating that three transients are setting up camp south of the store and leaving trash and piles of debris. Party contacted and advised of complaint.

Bolinas 3:55 pm Caller reported people spraying graffiti on the beach.

Bolinas 10:17 pm Business owner called to report that an unwanted subject had turned up dressed like a ‘Kung Fu pirate’ and also had ‘Kung Fu sticks’ with him. Deputies arrived to find a man with two imitation wooden swords, possibly dressed as some sort of Ninja ocean farer. No crime committed, but man was asked to leave.




West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

Monday August 11
Woodacre 10:19 a.m. Reporting party states that he is concerned that his tenants are involved in the drug trade.
Nicasio 12:53 p.m. A teacher saw a couple of juveniles on top of the school back in mid-July and they now wonder if these same individuals may have been involved with stealing some vintage lunch boxes around that same time.
Point Reyes Station 8:42 p.m. A trio of 12 yr-old males were reported on top of the bathrooms. Deputies on site were unable to locate.
Tuesday August 12
Point Reyes Station 2:10 p.m. Woman selling items from the back of her van. Woman was moved along.
Point Reyes Station 3:33 p.m. Woman is back selling items out of the back of her van. Reporting party states that this is becoming an issue on the weekends with multiple subjects trying to do this same thing. Woman again moved along.
Woodacre 8:09 p.m. Reporting party came home and found an unknown woman in their house. Woman arrested for trespassing.
Wednesday August 13
Stinson Beach 12:58 a.m. Reporting party stated that there were two dogs locked inside a van with the windows rolled up all the way. They were allegedly there for hours and in distress. The deputy investigating this charge found two dogs in a van with windows cracked, water and food. They were not in distress and were parked in front of a motel that stated that there were no pets allowed.
Point Reyes Station 11:27 a.m. A call came in from someone stating they were with PG&E and they stated if they didn’t receive a payment in 24 minutes they would shut off the power. Reporting person checked with PG&E who stated that they hadn’t called the person.
Woodacre 12:09 p.m. Business owner received a call from someone allegedly from PG&E threatening to cut off the power. Deputies called the number that caller had left and they answered ‘PG&E’ and then hung up after deputy asked them a few questions.
Point Reyes Station 1:15 p.m. Bank manager called to state that a woman had taken a cab from Oakland and was attempting to cash a check at the bank to pay for the cab. Woman is now lying on the sidewalk outside the bank.
Tomales 5:34 p.m. Reporting parties 18 yr-old daughter and her friend were driving down the road last week when they exchanged phone numbers with a passing bicyclist. This same bicyclist knows where daughter lives and has been harassing and stalking her since then. Daughter leaves to college tomorrow. Dad given advice on obtaining a restraining order if obsessed bicyclist keeps up unwanted behavior.
Point Reyes Seaside 10:52 p.m. Man called to speak to deputies about the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. He is friend of the owners and wanted to voice his opinion about a right of way law and use of land in the area.
Thursday August 14
Forest Knolls 2:06 p.m. Man would like advice on how to get an unwanted house guest to leave the property.
Inverness 8:15 p.m. Reporting party stated that there were a group of people in a garage with a lot of clothes on their backs and wearing masks. Reporting party called back to say that all was good and that group of people he saw were not real.
Bolinas 10:50 p.m. A large party of loud 30-40 college age adults was reported to deputies. Party advised of noise complaint and agreed to keep it down.
Friday August 15
Dillon Beach 3:18 a.m. Three males between the ages of 17-20 yr’s-old broke into reporting parties unlocked pick-up truck and stole their cell phone.
Woodacre 11:18 a.m. Reporting party states that they paid someone to remove wood after a tree had fallen on their property. Subject took the check but never removed any wood. They would like some advice.
Point Reyes Station 11:28 a.m. Reporting party stated that a woman was selling her wares along the side of the road. Deputies investigated and found that she had permission from the owner of the house she was parked in front of to be there.
Bolinas 12:45 p.m. Woman reported that her neighbors are destroying her artwork. Was very uncooperative and did not provide further details.
Forest Knolls 5:58 p.m. Reporting party stated that a man was sitting on park bench with his shirt off and his shorts off. They furthermore stated that man was getting a back massage from a woman and drinking alcohol with another female companion. Deputies responding to the scene found the man with his two friends enjoying a drink. Man was not exposed and threesome was not under the influence.
Dillon Beach 8:11 p.m. Man states that he was asked to paint a cabin for an agreed upon sum of money. Now that he has finished the job, he can’t find the owner of the cabin.
Forest Knolls 8:31 p.m. A warrant arrest was carried out at the scene of an illegal bonfire.
Saturday August 16
Forest Knolls 12:20 p.m. Reporting party called deputies to state that they believed that someone had been tampering with their front door bolt. They also noted that their fridge door had been found slightly ajar on more than one occasion and that there may have been food missing from it. Deputies noted that person sounded slightly paranoid.
Bolinas 1:33 p.m. Mom reported that her 15 yr-old foster son was refusing to leave her room.
Dillon Beach 10:39 p.m. Reporting party states that there are a large group of campers making noise and playing loud music. They asked them if they could turn down their music and was told “No!” The campers have now turned their music up. Issue handled by property owner.
Sunday August 17
Bolinas 10:51 a.m. 16 yr-old son had game console taken away for stealing money from his mom. Son has now gone into mom’s room and taken game console back. Mom would like some advice.
Bolinas 8:38 p.m. Report taken for an assault and battery.
Bolinas 11:54 p.m. The suspect in the earlier assault and battery was reported at a local drinking establishment. A statement was obtained from him and the case will be forwarded to the District Attorney for review.



West Marin Sheriff’s Logs



Monday August 4

Point Reyes Station 3:22 p.m. A man was reported in front of the pre-school walking around and talking to himself. The man, an employee at the school, was taken into custody for public drunkenness.

Inverness 4:53 p.m. Woman reported that she had received another obscene and threatening email. This is an ongoing issue.

Tuesday August 5

Point Reyes Stations 8:42 a.m. An employee at a local establishment reported that her ex-boyfriend had driven off with their shared vehicle and animals they had mutually owned. Woman was very distressed and while this was clearly a reprehensible incident, there was little that officers could do to address her issues.

Forest Knolls 6:15 p.m. Several people camping on the lawn, possibly including the owner of the property himself. Deputies will drive-by the property later in the evening to check in on the people on the lawn.

Wednesday August 6

Point Reyes Station 10:30 a.m. Man came into building and walked into back room and began rifling through drawers marked “AA self-help group drawers.” Man apparently helped himself to $5 as well as staff reported this amount missing from their coffers. They will call back if man returns for more literature.

Thursday August 7

Bolinas 6:16 a.m. A local man wearing a cowboy hat and red shawl was reportedly stealing gardening equipment from someone’s yard. No merit to any crime. Cowboy in shawl was in neighboring yards but was not removing any property.

Bolinas 9:05 a.m. Urban cowboy continued popping up around town. Deputies eventually caught up with him and he was admonished for his recent behavior.

Forest Knolls 7:50 p.m. Man called to report that his wife is yelling at him. She states that he has been drinking. Man sounds as if he has been drinking. Man, described as wearing a black ‘Muddy Waters’ t-shirt and grey shorts, agreed to spend the night at neighbor’s house to avoid further confrontation.

Inverness 6:01 p.m. Woman was yelling profanities inside and outside her house. Woman was gone upon arrival of deputies but is aware of issues with her behavior.

Friday August 8

Nicasio 12:56 a.m. Reporting party stated that there was man outside screaming erratically. Upon further review, man screaming might possibly just be a cat.

Point Reyes Station 3:31 p.m. Man reported that he had accidently backed into his co-workers trailer.

Point Reyes Station 6:32 p.m. Reporting party spotted two elderly males with walkers, possibly agitated, setting up a homeless encampment and called deputies for support. Men were advised they should move on.

Saturday August 9

Point Reyes Station 6:25 p.m. A man walked into a popular local deli and asked a man sitting at a table for the time. When he didn’t answer the man due to a language barrier, the man drew a ’26 inch machete. The staff at the deli saw the man with the machete drawn and overheard him saying the word ‘death’ numerous times. Man was soon arrested by deputies on charges of brandishing a weapon in public.

Dillon Beach 8:23 p.m. Woman called deputies to say that she was putting rat poison down in her garage after finding eight large piles of feces in the area. Woman sounded agitated and also stated that she had a broken finger.

Sunday August 10

Bolinas 4:01 a.m. A loud party complaint with men and women screaming was reported.

Inverness 1:50 p.m. Man called to ask when his landlord might be released from custody. He states he is taking care of her cat.

Dillon Beach 2:33 p.m. Woman called to follow up regarding animals living in her garage, Woman believes it is a raccoon.

Stinson Beach 4:40 p.m. Woman reports that she believes that her IPhone was stolen by a woman she knows. This woman has dementia and often takes items from her house without her permission.

Addendum Monday August 11

Tiburon. Iconic local comedian and actor Robin Williams was found dead in his residence in Tiburon. He was discovered in his residence at approximately 11:55 a.m. unconscious and not breathing. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:02 p.m.. The cause of death is by now, well known to all us. Mr. Williams was last seen alive on Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. by his wife Susan at his residence. A detailed investigation, including an autopsy and toxicology report will be sure to come in the next few weeks.

Some words from the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

“The real meaning of persona is a mask, such as actors were accustomed to wear on the ancient stage; and it is quite true that no one shows himself as he is, but wears his mask and plays his part. Indeed, the whole of our social arrangements may be likened to a perpetual comedy; and this is why a man who is worth anything finds society so insipid, while a blockhead is quite at home in it.”