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West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

Monday October 20

Nicasio 4:50 am A man refused to leave a house where he was no longer wanted. Issue abated prior to arrival of deputy.

Forest Knolls 7:37 am A dead body was reported and the coroner contacted.

Bolinas 8:28 am Reporting party stated that a woman was camping on their property without permission.

Inverness 8:56 am Man called to state that his ex-girlfriend was on her way to his house to pick up some of her belongings. Man states that they have issues and would like a deputy standing by.

Woodacre 1:23 pm Woman turned in shotgun shell she found while walking. Demolitions expert set up to destroy unexploded ordinance.

Bolinas 5:16 pm Woman reported earlier for camping on subjects property returned. She was advised by deputies to move on.


Tuesday October 21

Wednesday October 22

Woodacre 1:08 pm Caller annoyed that someone had parked in front of his propane tank so that propane company couldn’t access tank. Deputies left a note on parked car and also at the car owner’s place of employment.

Point Reyes Station 4:06 pm Employer reported that an employee allegedly inquired if a customer wanted cash back with purchase. This employee might have run the customer’s card with an additional withdrawal of the ‘cash back’ and kept the cash. Employer is investigating.


Thursday October 23

Point Reyes Station 11:53 am Woman stated she needed report for damage to her truck. Woman refused to state what the damage was but with further interrogation, woman admitted that she had torn off weather stripping on her ’96 pick truck because she didn’t like how it looked.

Forest Knolls 2:09 pm Man stated that he believed that someone had broken into his house. A screen in his house appeared as if it had been moved. Man stated that he simply wanted more patrols in the area even as he mentioned that a dog probably knocked his screen loose.

Tomales 5:21 pm A woman came into the front lobby of the Police Department and stated that she had been sexually assaulted at a local hotel. She asked if the Marin County Sheriff’s Office wanted to handle the case.

Friday October 24

Forest Knolls 12:19 am Man stated that he confronted two individuals in a blue Subaru parked in his driveway. Man stated that both occupants, a man and a woman, were heavily intoxicated. Man was arrested for driving under the influence and his female companion was arrested for public drunkenness and resisting arrest. Couple had stated that they were just trying to make it to Samuel P Taylor Park.

Woodacre 2:20 am One of many calls throughout the week regarding issues with cars parked in the area.

Point Reyes Station 2:01 pm Employer reported having just terminated an employee. Employer stated that there was no evidence of theft and that former employee did not admit to any theft. No charges filed.

Stinson Beach 1:43 pm Caller reported that another man was planting a tree on his property against his wishes. ‘Johnny Appleseed’ was contacted and advised to stop planting trees on other people’s property.

Saturday October 25

Woodacre 5:19 am Man reported that he had intimate knowledge regarding a local man’s plan to blow up government buildings in San Rafael. The alleged bomber was contacted and no bomb making materials were found in his apartment. Man admitted that he had spoken to reporting party about model rockets and their propulsion systems.

Stinson Beach 7:56 am A woman in her 40’s-50’s was reported running around screaming in front of surf shop. She was reportedly delusional and left her belongings unprotected in front of surf shop. Employees are concerned about her belongings and her general welfare.

Lagunitas 12:58 pm Deputy encountered a man on probation who, while not drunk, had been drinking alcohol. Report of behavior forwarded to his probation officer.

Forest Knolls 4:01 pm Man was upset at another man for refusing to drink more beer.

Forest Knolls 4:39 pm Woman reported that there were black dogs attacking and killing a deer in her backyard.

Lagunitas 10:39 pm Man reported two loud explosions that he thought might be attributed to fireworks after the SF Giants world series win.

Olema 7:30 pm Man called from Canada and reported that he hadn’t heard from his brother in a year. Man admitted a truck had hit him sometime in the past and his memory has been affected. Brother was contacted and advised to call his brother.

Forest Knolls 10:22 pm Possible gunshots or fireworks heard in the area.


West Marin Sheriff’s Logs

West Marin Sheriff’s Report
Monday September 29
Stinson Beach 10:40 am Caller reported a gold Honda Civic with its door open and items scattered on the ground. Deputy contacted owner’s mother.

Woodacre 3:17 pm Mom reported that her son was stealing from her. Mom asked for female deputy because male deputies were too ‘macho’.

Tuesday September 30
Lagunitas 2:17 am Reporting party stated that a silver Jeep Cherokee has been parked on the property for the past two years. Owners of Jeep has not lived at home for past two years.

Bolinas 5:15 am Woman stated that a man who lives in a tent near her house may have broken into her property and stolen unknown items. Woman states that the car associated with this individual is not where it usually is, and she is concerned.

Forest Knolls 9:01 am Reporting party stated that there was a man wearing an orange NFL shirt outside their home yelling. Man has been there since 7:30 am. Deputies reminded man of active restraining order stating he could not be near the house.

Bolinas 9:05 am Man reported that cash in the amount of $9,000
was stolen from jacket where he keeps his cash.

Olema 9:33 am Reporting party has come upon two dead bodies. People were older, and the man appears to have a gun near his body.

Point Reyes Station 2:16 pm Reporting party stated that two homeless individuals were fighting over allegedly missing items.
Wednesday October 1

Bolinas 10:08 am A purple camper has been parked at the end of the reporting party’s street. Reporting party’s main concern is where the campers may be relieving themselves.

Bolinas 12:04 pm Woman called to report that man who had assaulted her in the past was now at her house. Woman was told how to obtain a restraining order.

Woodacre 1:24 pm Landlord reports that tenants abruptly left their rented residence and allegedly stole comforters, DVD’s and paintings.

Point Reyes Station 4:36 pm Reporting party stated they lost their medication on the stagecoach.

Bolinas 5:56 pm Woman ran into her ex-husband in town. She is concerned after he stated, “I am dying, I don’t know how I’ll get through this. I failed at everything.” Man assessed for being a danger to himself and/or others, and was let go.

Dogtown 10:15 pm Wife reportedly punched her husband in his privates. When deputies arrived man was sitting in his car and woman was in the kitchen and both agreed to stay away from each other for the night.

Thursday October 2
Stinson Beach 2:26 am Woman reported a physical fight on the street outside her house. Deputies reports that it was a verbal altercation between two friends.

Bolinas 9:58 am Real estate agent reported that a house she is trying to sell had been “egged” and her realtor sign was torn down. She believes that this may be the acts of locals upset that they can no longer afford to buy property in the area.

Bolinas 11:17 am Mom reported that her son, who had been in contact with deputies the night before, was drinking alcohol and had jumped from dad’s car as they were trying to take him to Unit B at Marin General Hospital. Deputies found son lying on beach and he was taken to Unit B.

Point Reyes Station 5:40 pm Woman reported that she lost red prescription glasses on 9/24. She wanted to know if anyone had turned them in.

Stinson Beach 5:46 pm Woman stated that an oil painting of the Cliff House was stolen from her cabin. Painting reportedly valued at $600.

Stinson Beach 9:50 pm Caller had passed by local gym and reports the window had been broken and merchandise was outside on the floor.

Friday October 3
Stinson Beach 7:34 pm Owner of local establishment asked if there was any merit to reports his business had been broken into.

Bolinas 7:39 am Woman reported that her neighbor had sexually assaulted her. Woman reports that she did not know the woman’s name that lives next door and deputies decided there was no merit to assault charge.

Bolinas 11:53 pm Man reported that he is unable to get information from owner of dog that attacked him last week.

Forest Knolls 4:20 pm Man would like advice about neighbor who has been harassing him for the past 12 years.
Tomales 5:27 pm Woman called deputies crying, saying she wanted to give $100 bills to the fire department for helping her.

Saturday October 4
Stinson Beach 4:23 am Reporting party on route to pick up two stranded motorists. Person has not heard from them in several years and was concerned about their welfare. Deputies found stranded couple and confirmed they were still waiting for pick up.

Woodacre 9:22 am Recently evicted persons have reportedly thrown cabinets, a garden hose and a trash can into road.

Bolinas 11:36 am Man in Jaguar was reportedly punched in the face by another driver. There had been mutual physical contact but neither person would like to pursue matter legally.

Point Reyes Station 10:38 pm Reporting party stated that a shorthaired ‘hippie’ woman was yelling at her boyfriend. Deputies unable to locate anyone matching this description.

Sunday October 5
Point Reyes Station 3:16 pm A natural death was reported in town.