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Letters – Week of 06/05/14

Thanks for the Fund Raiser

West Marin Community Services so appreciates the community’s support for our big fundraiser, THE Talent Show, a red carpet and local talent spectacular! The event was a big success – well-attended, full of talent and fun – and we couldn’t have done it without the many sponsors and volunteers as well as the local businesses who continue to donate generously to our nonprofits. All the performers brought something special to make the show a unique West Marin experience A few thanks to single out: Pine Cone Diner, Station House Cafe, Zuma, Point Reyes Books, Point Reyes National Seashore Employees Association, Osteria Stellina, Saltwater, Hog Island Oyster Company, Marshall Store, Perry’s Inverness Park Grocery, Point Reyes Light, West Marin Citizen, Sir and Star, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Marin Sunshine Realty, Inverness Secret Garden Cottage, Horizon Cable, Maximum ITSM, Art Rogers, Christine Vanderbeek, Connie Mery, Lazuli Whitt, and Whitman Shenk. And, of course, the great staff at WMCS (Socorro Romo, Jane Vait, Cynthia Manzo) and the Dance Palace and MC Extraordinaire/musician/auctioneer Stephen Horvat.

The funds raised will be used to support programs that help our most vulnerable residents get through the tough moments in their lives. Thank you, everyone!

Pamela Campe, Board President
Wendy Friefeld, Executive Director
West Marin Community Services

Congrats to Shoreline Trustees

Congratulations to the trustees of Shoreline Unified School District who, at their May meeting, rescinded their earlier decision not to renew the contract of Superintendent Tom Stubbs. The board worked diligently last year to recruit and interview candidates whose expertise, character and vision might be a good fit for our public schools; they made the right choice in hiring Tom. This time, they have taken another wise if difficult position in heeding the voices of teachers, staff, parents and community members: reversing their decision to apply, in their own words, an outmoded and flawed evaluation process in reviewing Tom’s first year on the job.

I hope that, as I shall do myself, our community, Latino and Anglo alike, remains engaged, communicating and volunteering alongside the board in support of continued reform of our schools. West Marin’s students deserve a bright future brimming with options, opportunities and the best education that our investment can provide.

Marc Matheson

Plea for elk management

To: U.S. Secretary of the Interior- Sally Jewell
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240
RE: Elk Forum and Ranch Comprehensive
Management Plan/Environmental assessment, Point Reyes National Seashore

Dear Secretary Jewell,
I am writing to you and others to show my support for the ranchers and their desire to relocate the elk safely off the Pastoral Zone, located in the Point Reyes National Seashore, Point Reyes, California that is intended for cattle grazing and to preserve historic ranching for future generations. The elk, as of now, are seriously impeding the livelihood of the ranching community, which has worked hard to be great docents for the park and keep healthy businesses local, and in most cases, organic. They help draw tourists and educate them, they send their children to our local schools, keep our stores and local medical facilities open and support many other local businesses, thus keeping a healthy foot print and not out sourcing and keeping local what is a basic food group.

Elk are large creatures who have taken over the organic grazing fields and clean water intended for the dairy and beef cows. The ranchers have worked very hard to create a healthy and low impact supply for their animals and the elk are literally depleting this balance and is some cases, killing the live stock as they are not intended to live side by side.

Roaming elk ideally should be moved to an area for public viewing enjoyment, permanently, that is well sectioned off, with stable fencing that the park can maintain, not to mention provide an area where they have enough food and room to grow into given their quick reproduction rate. Doing this ideally with stop elk damage and their negative impact on working ranches and ranchers who then ideally with be able to continue their historic best management practices that they have practiced for over 100 years. Local ranchers just want to continue ranching the way they have done it for years using their updated and healthier practices. Ranchers take care of the land or the land will not take care of them. They are stewards of the landand have a love for their animals and a passion for raising a quality product to feed the world.”

I hope you expedite this process as you are in grave danger of loosing some of your best docents who potentially cannot wait another year or two for a lengthy deciding process. The ranchers are there, love the land and take good care of it, plus create another great draw to an area already struggling with the Park and its own ability to maintain what is already on their watch. Please support the ranchers, their homes, lively hoods and their futures.

Thank you,
Brahna Stone
Sausalito, California

Dance Palace Camp has space

We are getting the 2014 Counselor in Training (CIT) program up and running for 13 to 15 year olds at the Dance Palace Camp. We can take no more than 8 teens in this program, which I happen to think is a really wonderful opportunity for teens. The director of this program, Colleen Conley will be returning from Japan with renewed energy having had a visit with her grandbaby and will then be ready to start off with the chosen 8. This program really gets kids ready for life, responsibility, and yes, and a lot of good fun.

Teen team building between the 8 seems to develop quickly as they learn to help each other, help out in the camp and work with the kids and their leaders who will show them a lot of skills they’ll later use to great advantage when they are either looking for a job, doing a job or just being great citizens and friends. The CIT’s are responsible for making the great punch that we serve on tropical day, creating the treasure hunts, taking part in the talent show and news paper preparation and setting up a lot of games and other things that campers love. CIT’s also set an example for the campers of what it’s like to be a teenager. They learn CPR, which is invaluable and basic first aid. Then they have a fun day away from camp doing kicking or paddleboard. Colleen is an artist and art teacher and there’s always an art component I am very proud of The Dance Palace Camp (voted the best in Marin by the North Bay Bohemian readers poll) We have spaces and some scholarships available and I am trying to spread the news.

Vickisa, Bolinas
Director of the Dance Palace Camp