The Side Missions For Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Side Missions For Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original Final Fantasy VII did not have many side missions. Sure, there were the ARMS boss fights and the endless hours of Chocobo breeding, but in 1997 we never had the level of side missions that players got used to in games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, God of War, Spider-Man, and others.

That changes with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be released on PlayStation 4 next month.

only this game will include a number of mini-games and side missions, but according to game director Tetsuya Nomura, they were made with the same care and quality as the main storyline.

“The subquests were done in exactly the same way as the main story quests,” Nomura said in a recent interview. He then continued, stating that his team had effectively reduced the number of side quests to ensure that the game’s quests were of better quality.
The Side Missions For Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have The Same Quality Level As The Main Story, According To Game Developers
Players have shown through games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and God of War that they will take on fewer high quality side missions on a large number of lower quality quests every day of the week. The games mentioned above weave their side quests effortlessly into the main story, so that they enhance the overall experience rather than distract it.

When a game is mired in endless search quests that don’t really have any relevance to the story, players get bored. Immersive story-based play has dominated the scene for the past few years, and it’s a trend

which should continue for a long time in the future.

Some translations of the original interview seem to have misinterpreted the meaning of Nomura. Many outlets report that the side quests held are the same duration as the main campaign. It is not true. Comments